July 23, 2018


Panama City


Elder Child

What a great week!

Ok y'all let me catch ya up on some of the local info:
1) Ian was baptized this last weekend and it was super cool! His dad, sister and brother-in-law were all at the baptism. Afterwards we gave them each a copy of the Book of Mormon. I was also asked by Ian to be the one to confirm him a member and confer upon him the Holy Ghost. Such an amazing experience. Ian over came so much to be worthy to be baptized. He has completely changed his life around!
2) The Spanish elders here in Panama City had a baptism this last week. His name is Ontoniel. I was able to interview him for his baptism and he was so ready! It was crazy hard to understand all of what he said but I understood enough (I did do a lot of studying to be able to ask him the questions in Spanish). ALL of my baptismal interviews I have done in my mission have been in Spanish... maybe I should just switch to Spanish???
3) While Elder Stilson and I were at a restaurant, with a member, called "Old Mexico" we met the owner named Roberto. Roberto knows very little English but we somehow managed to get his contact information to be able to give it to the Spanish speaking Elders. In addition, he invited us to his church! He is a Seventh-Day Adventist. Here's the catch... his Sunday school was in Spanish. The service itself was in English. We invited the Spanish speaking Elders and it was a blast. I surprised myself with how much I understood.
4) My new companion is Elder Child. Yes this is the same Elder Child I was in the Missionary Training Center with. I AM SO PUMPED!!!
Love you ALL and email me any Q's you've got!


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