July 16, 2018


Panama City


Kyler Stilson

Grateful for the restoration of the Gospel

It's been an odd week. Our mission emails have been acting up a lot lately. Today it's only letting me email from my phone. So, it'll be sloppy...
I went to a bunch of churches this week. Got bashed a few times... and have a baptism set for this Saturday. Basically went to a Catholic Mass with our sisters and with one of their investigators who bashed with us. Then later that night we went to dinner with her and two of the fathers of her parish. Basically our sisters ( who combined have been out less than the time I spent in Bainbridge) set us up to answer all of their anti-Mormon, dirt digging, truth bashing questions. The sisters made it sound like we were gonna sit down and get to know them... but nope. Long story short both of the fathers are pretty chill guys and their investigator is pretty nice. None of them were nice about "asking to know more about the Mormon faith". We shared our beliefs and wished them well. We also went to a (white) Pentecostal church. It was very loud, lots of speaking in tongues, yelling, hands raised, lots of tears, and surprisingly a ton of youth. Way more than the Catholics. We had some young women come up after the service and chat with us for a bit. One of the girls' dad had actually been an usher that welcomed us in. Other than being yelled at by the preacher (not directly at me as there was about 300 people in attendance) I felt very welcomed. After these two experiences I have officially decided that there was an apostasy. And definitely a restoration. Grateful for the knowledge of the restored gospel.
Ian is set to be baptized this Saturday. He has asked me to confer the Holy Ghost on him. I was excited until I realized that meant it would be in front of the entire ward vs a small group at his baptism. We will see how this goes... pray for me. Rafael is continuing to come to church and should be baptized next transfer. Pray for him and the strength be able to quit smoking.
Love to you all!


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