May 10, 2018


Tallahassee, Florida


Brantzen Noble

A True Follower of Christ

Ok ok! I know and I apologize for not being good at emailing! But some updates and cool stories. Okay first of all, our investigator named Thomas is doing very well. Last week he accepted a soft baptism invitation which basically means we didn't pick a date yet but he has accepted to be baptized. We are slowly developing a really good relationship with him. The other day he invited us over for dinner and a lesson. It's awesome to not have to be the one to set up the lesson or to push it, he truly has a desire to come unto Christ. He is slowly being able to understand the scriptures more clearly. We have taught him about the restoration and the gospel of Jesus Christ. He loves the stories so far in the Book of Mormon. We have gotten through the first little part of first Nephi with him.
Okay first cool story. Today while we were at the store we ran into one of the members of our Ward named Sister Huckaba. She had called us and was trying to get a hold of us while we were shopping. Right as we saw that we missed her call we went around the corner and there she was. She began to tell us why she had called. She had called because she had met someone in Walmart who had been complaining about a sore back and that she would be needing surgery on it soon. Sister Huckaba had told this lady a little bit about the power of the priesthood and priesthood blessings. She then took us to meet this employee at Walmart. We met this employee, her name is Miss Williams. As we talked with her and discussed when we might be able to meet with her and give her the blessing she said that Sunday would be best. At this point Sister Huckaba invited her to church. Miss Williams accepted the invitation to come to church and for us to give her the blessing afterwards. We exchanged some information with Miss Williams and told her that we would get in contact with her on Saturday. The example set by Sister Huckaba is a perfect example of how to be a member mission and a true follower of Christ.
Okay next cool story. Today as we were driving back from visiting a viable referral we drove past Trenton's street. We decided that we would stop in and see how he was doing. He wasn't home but as we were driving down his road to leave he drove past us and saw us and waved. We flipped around and went back to his house. We been wanting to have a brief meeting with him checking on how he was doing. He seems to be doing well and we're going to keep in contact with him for now.
I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!


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