March 27, 2018


Bainbridge, Georgia


Justin Vance

BYE to Bainbridge

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a nice week! This week has been a crazy one for me.

Monday, March 19:
So Elder Vance and I went down to Marianna for Pday. We went bowling which was super fun. We played 2 v 2. Elder Vance and I against Elder Schiermeister and Elder Ence. I'm not gonna say an exact score but Elder Vance and I definitely won. We basically did our emailing and such the rest of the day. Because I got transfer news on Monday we called some people in the Marianna ward and told them I was leaving. One of the families asked if they could feed Elder Vance and I so we went and had dinner with the Howard family. Pretty good day!
Tuesday, March 20:
Last district meeting in the Marianna District. It was short but very powerful. Afterwards we helped move some furniture out of the old Marianna sisters apartment. I got to drive the mission truck which is a 2017 Chevy Silverado... Pretty nice truck. I hadn't driven with a trailer in a while so it was interesting. We had dinner with another family in the Marianna ward who was sad to see me go but it was fun to have one last goodbye.
Wednesday, March 21:
TRANSFER DAY! Got up and went to the church to play ball for our workout. The rest of the day Elder Vance and I tracted in Marianna while the Marianna Elders went to some appointments. We found them three people so hopefully it'll workout for them. I had lunch with the Elders for the last time. Afterwards we drove to transfer spots and I loaded up my stuff and drove with Elder Farnsworth to Tally. (Elder Farnsworth came out on the mission the same time I did.) I finally got to Tallahassee and met my new companion. His name is Brantzen Noble. He's from Tremonton, Utah. He's been out on his mission for 20 months. He played baseball and basketball in high school. He's pretty flipping awesome! We went back to our apartment and I did some unpacking. After a little bit of that nonsense we went and played basketball with the young men. It was a pretty good introduction to the ward.
Thursday, March 22:
Ok so apparently the Tallahassee Zone has a big Zone Conference TOMORROW!! And as a Zone Leader we have to do a training in zone conference. So basically Elder Noble and I have 24 hours to get something ready. We ended up meeting with the Sister Training leaders (STL's for short) to figure out what we are gonna train on. Just for the record the STL's names are Sister DeBruin and Sister Houston. So we spent a good portion of the day planning for zone conference. The rest of the day we spent planning what we are going to do next week. We had dinner with a family named the Bergstroms. It was a solid day.
Friday, March 23:
Oh my stinkin' crazy day! We had zone conference and I was conducting the meeting. Elder Noble and I did a training that started off with a skit that immediately brought the spirit into the room. It was a great training. The STL's did awesome with there training as well. After our awesome Zone Conference Elder Noble and I went to an institute devotional with the campus missionaries (Florida A&M sisters and Elders, FSU Elders and Sisters, and Tallahassee Community College Elders and sisters) plus Tally 4th Elders. It was a really sweet devotional.
Saturday, March 24:
Elder Noble and I have been going to the gym and I'm starting to realize how much I actually miss weight lifting. Kinda weird but hey so am I. Ok so no matter how awesome of an area you are in, there are still days when you have to go out and knock doors. Today was one of those days. We found a few people that were pretty interested. We also found a lot of people who were not interested. We ended the day with dinner with the Meyers family. They have one daughter who is 17 and a four who are out of the house. They have one son who is serving a mission in Boston Massachusetts.
Sunday, March 25:
Apparently the Tallahassee 6th ward meets at 1pm... that's right 1pm! So to start off our morning Elder Noble and I got ready and stuff. We had some meetings before church. But I do not like 1 o'clock church. It was great to be back in a ward! This ward is a very young ward with lots of primary kids with a fair amount of youth. After church we went home and did some studies. We then had dinner with a family named the Edmonds. They have two sons. One served a mission in Paris France and the other is 16 or 17, I don't quite remember. Brother Edmond is a high councilman and was over at one of the other buildings for church Sunday morning. While he was at the church he ran into the AP's (assistants to the President) Elder Burbridge and Elder Hansen. Brother Edmond knew Elder Hansen from when Elder Hansen served in Tally 6th. So he invited them to dinner. He also ended up inviting a third set of elders, the FAMU Elders. So the six of us had dinner with the Edmonds. After the meal we were driving back towards the main highway when this deer popped out in front of Elder Noble and I. Well it ran off into this field. The four elders in the other car stopped and we pointed at the deer. Well, Elder Hansen had the brilliant idea to play his ukulele and walk towards the deer. As he played he got closer and closer to the point where he actually PET THE DEER! It was so funny and crazy. Oh and the deer didn't have a left eye. Crazy way to finish off the week!


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