March 14, 2018


Bainbridge, Georgia


Justin Vance

Working in Bainbridge

Monday, March 5:
Pretty basic day today. Elder Vance and I were in Marianna. So we, with Elder Ence and Scheirmiester, did some emailing and played basketball and spikeball and did some fishing. Elder Vance and I had dinner at the Cobarts house.
Tuesday, March 6:
Started today off with district meeting. It was weird because we had President Smith Skype into our meeting. I had a quick little training that went pretty well in my opinion... Was a little longer than expected. After district meeting Elder Vance and I went and had lunch with the Taylor's. Then we went to Donalsonville and had some referrals to take care of. We visited people named Mary, Annie, Frederick and Rose. Later that night after our personal and companionship studies, we went and delivered a Book of Mormon to a guy named Aaron. Aaron saw an ad online that our church put out. After seeing the ad he realized it it all made sense and wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon. We ended up having a short lesson on the restoration. We set up her return appointment. Pretty solid day.
Wednesday, March 7:
Started today off with the good old Salvation Army. After the Salvation Army we came back from lunch. We had a personal study then went to try to meet with Curel Adams, who if you don't remember is a convert to the church. He hadn't been to church in a while so we went to visit him. We then came back to the apartment and punched in some records from our area book. After being bored of being in our apartment on our phones we went to a referral named Porchia. She had met with missionaries before but had lost contact a while back. We finished the day off with a lessons at the Tuell's home and at Lisa and Coby's house. But wait we still had one more item of business... a coordination meeting with our Branch mission leader Brother O'Neal.
Thursday, March 8:
The Decatur County Genealogical Society was our first stop for today. Lots of service has gone into that place and more is still needed because it just opened. Really fun place to do service though. Afterwards we helped a Sister named Brittany move back into the Branch. We then took a hop, skip, and car ride over to the country store where sister O'Neal works (and owns it). We had lunch there and chatted with her for a bit. She's not a member of the church but attends every so often. Elder Vance and I then went to Piney Woods drive. It's a street where a member had referred us to one of their friends. Sadly the friend wasn't interested but we did knock some other doors and met two solid people who are interested in hearing more about the church. They are named are Eric and Brittany. Brittany is a young mom who had/has friends who are LDS. Eric is young guy who has been looking for a good church and he was astonished as we talked to him about what we do as missionaries. After meeting them we went back to the apartment to do our weekly planning. We got it done pretty quickly today which was awesome. We then had a lesson with a less active member followed by a lesson with the Hampton boys. We finished of the day eating at the Cleveland's house.
Friday, March 9:
We had interviews with President Smith to start the day off the day. We used a lot of our day up driving to and from Dothan for that. On the way back we had lunch with an older couple in the Branch named the Covington's. We had lesson with Faith and Zach which went way longer than expected. We entered in records and finished the day off with dinner at the O'neals.
Saturday, March 10:
Pretty solid day today. Basically to sum it up we had some lessons with less actives, found awesome new investigators, had a lesson with Keith Cloud and dinner with the Watkins!
Sunday, March 11:
Super sweet Sunday. Elder Vance spoke and did a solid job. We spent the rest of the day in Donalsonville and had dinner with the Belisle's.


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