March 20, 2018


Bainbridge, Georgia


Justin Vance

The Work Continues

Monday, March 12:
Pretty basic Pday, didn't do anything new. Played basketball, played spike ball, emailed, cleaned and a few other things.
Tuesday, March 13:
Really sad day today. Today was the Labrums last day in the mission. They have already served their senior couple mission of 12 months. I will really miss being around them and being able to call Elder Labrum for medical problems. He served as the mission doctor while he was here his wife served as an assistant to him as well as other functions. After district meeting we all went to lunch together at a place called Dickies. It was a really fun time just have one last meal with them. After lunch Elder Scheirmiester and drove together on our way to Bainbridge while Elder Vance and Elder Ence did the same. Elder Sheirmiester and I visited some less actives and taught a lesson to the Hampton boys. We did some tracking while walking around Bainbridge. He and I were able to find a few people who were interested in hearing our message. The Hampton boys do not have a baptism day at this point, but they are going to have a one set soon.
Wednesday, March 14:
Today the four of us all got up and went to Salvation Army together to do some service. It was really cool for the four of us to be able to work and get a lot of done for the Salvation Army. After spending some time in the Salvation Army the Marianna elders went home. Elder Vance and I then put some records into our online area book which I don't look forward to because it takes so much time away from missionary work. We had a lesson with Keith cloud after we did some records then had dinner, went to young mens, and seminary.
Thursday, March 15:
Started today off with some service at the Decatur County Genealogical Society. After service we had lunch and did our weekly planning. We visited some less actives and with the Taylor's. After the Taylor's we went to Lisa and Kobe's and had a lesson with them. Lisa is continuing to progress very well. She is starting to understand the ins and out of the church and frequently shares her spiritual experiences. Both are starting to quit smoking in preparation for Lisa's baptism. After visiting Lisa and Kobe's we went to the clouds for dinner. And finish the day off with visiting another less active family.
Friday, March 16:
Today we started off with service at the Salvation Army the only problem was when we got there there wasn't very much work for us to do because four of us had been there on Wednesday. We tried to visit some less-active members and do some finding with very little success. Had dinner with the Richardson's and called it a night after our studies.
Saturday, March 17:
We did 4 hours of service at brother Webb's house. After having the service at the Webb's house we had lunch with the men who had done the service project. Later tonight we then went and had a lesson with a part member named Jason. We talked to him about cyber security for about a solid hour, learned a lot of valuable information... did not get bored at all though. After that I got very bored putting records in again. After that we had lunch with the Angelos Family. For dinner the Cleveland's hosted a party. There was this family named the Harper's. They are Methodist and so stinking cool. They have five kids. Ages 14g, 12g, 9g, 7b and 7g. I talked to the two olders girls and was very impressed by how well they new the Bible. Super cool family!
Sunday, March 18:
So earlier in the week I was asked to give a talk. I wasn't given a topic. I have slowly been working on being able to give a talk with no notes in front of me. This time I decided that I wasn't going to have a topic until it was time for me to go up there and give my talk. When I got up to the stand I decided that I was going to talk on a few different things. I was completely guided by the spirit as I spoke. It was a pretty good talk. I started with Christ and his earthly ministry, continued into the atonement, followed by the apostasy, then the restoration and I finished it all talking about modern day prophets. The Aneglos ended up speaking after me. They gave awesome talks. Really love them. After church Elder Vance and I spent time with members because I got a call from President Smith telling me that I was going to be transferred to Tallahassee. He told me that I was going to be a zone leader there. I'm super sad to be leaving Bainbridge but excited for the opportunity that I have to serve in Tallahassee. My new companions name is Elder Noble. I've heard nothing but good things about him so it should be good to serve with him. Pretty solid weekend!

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