February 20, 2018


Bainbridge, Georgia


Justin Vance

Bring Forth Fruit

Another week in Paradise come and gone. I honestly can't believe I am 1/3rd of the way done with my mission. And the fact that I've spent all of it in my first area... crazy!

Monday, February 12:
Pretty Basic P-Day. Elder Vance and I emailed, shopped, played some basketball, went shopping and went to Sister Soliday's house for dinner.
Tuesday, February 13:
Drove down to Marianna for district meeting. I wasn't sure how I'd like the new Elders but they are pretty awesome. I did a training in District meeting for 30 minutes and it was pretty solid. After District meeting Elder Ence and I went on an exchange and visited some of the investigators in Marianna. Elder Ence is pretty cool. He's from St. George, Utah and played a few different sports in high school.
Wednesday, February 14:
Finished off my exchange with Elder Ence. Elder Vance, Schiermeister, Ence as well as Sister Wilson and Gregson, and I all went to do service together for a Presbyterian church in town. I spent a good amount of the time talking to Elder Schiermeister. He's pretty cool too. He's from Vancouver, Washington and was in his high school band. Towards the end of service Sister Gregson got off the phone with who she latter told me was the mission doctor. She kinda pulled me off to the side and told me what had been and was going on with her lately. There are a few mental things that had been affecting her missionary work and that she'd probably be going home soon. I was completely caught off guard and was super sad. She's from Mesa, AZ so I'm sure she and I will hangout after the mission. Elder Vance and I finished our exchange and drove back to B-Ridge.
Thursday, February 15:
Basically today was one of those days where we don't get out and teach anyone but get a lot accomplished. Elder Vance and I started the day off with a solid run. We did our weekly planning, got some service at the Decatur County Genealogical Society, and met with some members who we trained to do Family History work.
Friday, February 16:
Started today off with a phone call from Sister Gregson. She was calling to let me know that she's going home tomorrow! Seriously so fast and unexpected. She was in the mission field for 3 months and spent all of that time serving around me. She and I have become close friends so it's weird to see her leave. Her companion, Sister Wilson, will be going to FAMU (Florida A&M University) in Tallahassee and joining two other sisters. We spent a lot of the day trying to meet with less actives in lower Seminole county with little success.
Saturday, February 17:
Today was a bust. We had two appointments stick to what we planned. We met with Zach and Faith and the Hampton boys. Lots of backup plans used today.
Sunday, February 18:
Pretty slow Sunday. At church I was able to see Brother Tennant, his son and dad all pass the sacrament together which was such a cool experience. Elder Vance and I gave a blessing to a member returning to activity which was super spiritual. We also had a lesson with Chris Cobart who recently came back into activity.

Scripture and a Quote:
It is not just my purpose as a missionary to bring forth fruit but the Purpose of every disciple of Christ.

D&C 84:58
"58 That they may bring forth fruit meet for their Father’s kingdom..."

"Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end."
Preach My Gospel p.1


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