February 6, 2018


Bainbridge, Georgia


Alec Taylor

The Covenant Path

I like to first let everyone know that we are having transfers this week. I did receive news this morning that I am staying another transfer (period of 6 weeks) in Bainbridge. I am also getting a new companion named Elder Vance. That's all I know about him for now. Meanwhile both Elder Casper and Elder Feeny are leaving. Elder Casper's mission has come to an end and Elder Feeny is going to Chiply. Both Sister Gregson and Sister Wilson are staying another transfer in Marianna. I am also sad to report that after this transfer Elder and Sister Labrum will have completed their senior mission.

Monday, January 29:
Pretty basic P-day. The only thing that was different was the fact that we had to email at Brother Cleveland's office because the church computers were not working.
Tuesday, January 30:
I've said this a million times but my district is the best in the world! I absolutely love everyone in it. Really fun district activities today! After District meeting Elder Labrum and I gave Sister Labrum a blessing. After Elder Taylor and I got back to Bainbridge we visited a less active and then did our studies.
Wednesday, January 31:
Elder Taylor and I spent the morning cleaning and preparing the apartment. The Labrum's came and inspected our apartment. We went to lunch afterwards at the Bean Cafe and had some pretty bomb sandwiches. Later in the day we went to Seminary and Young men's. Pretty solid day.
Thursday, February 1:
Did all of our weekly planning today and had a lesson with Amaris. It's been super cool to see Amaris progress after being baptized! We also met with Lisa & Coby and had an awesome lesson with them. I got to be about 1:30 am when the phone rang. We had gotten a call from a member asking if we could give a blessing to her father who was in the hospital after showing signs of a heart attack. Elder Taylor and I got ready in about 5 minutes and were able to give one of the most spiritual blessings I have ever been a part of. Truly amazing to have the same power Christ used anciently on the earth today.
Friday, February 2:
Basically spent all day today in bed with a Sinus infection....
Saturday, February 3:
And today as well. But towards the end of the day I was feeling well enough to go to the Cleveland's house to have dinner with the Taylors who were watching the Cleveland's kids. Man i sure love both of theses families!
Sunday, February 4:
Basically had the most off morning of my life... I forgot my suit coat at our apartment and managed to lose our GPS. It was pouring all morning so that seemed to make things more peculiar. All of this put aside, I was able to be a part of an amazing testimony meeting. I bore my testimony on the covenant path that President Nelson has talked about so much recently.

Scripture and a Quote:

Psalms 25:10
10 All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.

"The covenant path is not a series of steps or a check-list, it is mindset and way of living our lives"


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