January 30, 2018


Bainbridge, Georgia


Alec Taylor

Go forward with faith

I cannot believe that January is almost over!!! I feel like I just got out on my mission last month! I hope y'all know how much I miss ya! Please shoot me an email if I haven't heard from you in a while!

Monday, January 22:
Pretty good P-day! We did our shopping and cleaning then went to Marianna. We did some emailing and played basketball with some of the local college kids. We had dinner at Brother Sims house. Up until the new year he had been the High councilman assigned to the Bainbridge Branch so I've come to know him very well.
Tuesday, January 23:
We had an okay District meeting. The sisters ended up leaving half way through to go to a wedding for two of their investigators. After District meeting we all met up for lunch. On our way home from Marianna we went through Donalsonville. We did some bible referrals and were able to visit Chris who will hopefully be out on the 5th of next month. It was really good to see him again.
Wednesday, January 24:
Pretty basic day of knocking doors and not getting any responses. We joined our two YM (Young Men) in the branch for Seminary and YM activities. We ended up playing a version of Cricket. It was super fun and your boy won with a score of 24. Elder Taylor took second at 15. Followed by the two YM leaders and YM at 13, 11, 9 and 8 respectively. Pretty solid game.
Thursday, January 25:
Today we had visits with Keith Cloud as well as Amaris. Both went extremely well. Keith has decided he wants to start working towards baptism. Amaris is now looking forward to going to the temple on route to going ON A MISSION!!! It's been so amazing to be with her on this journey. She seems to be happier every single day.
Friday, January 26:
Today started off with me waking up an hour earlier than planned. This was due to a dream I had about my two dogs back home...I know, I know, I am very odd but I do miss you all just as much as my dogs. Afterwards Elder Taylor and I had interviews with our mission President. He talked a lot about setting goals and I am hoping to be able to stay on top of mine. Elder Taylor and I spent the rest of the day in Colquitt after interviews.
Saturday, January 27:
TODAY WAS A MONUMENTAL DAY!!! I FINALLY WENT TO THE TOWN OF CLIMAX!!! We had a Bible referral and we were also able to visit some less active members. It was an 8 mile bike ride one way, plus about 12 miles of biking around to some other homes. We also biked to our dinner appointment with the Tennant's (They came into town so it was only about a 3 mile ride). So in total we biked at least 30 miles. What a day!
Sunday, January 28:
Well Elder Taylor gave an awesome talk in church today. After church we went tho the Beisle's house for lunch. We also had Brother Beisle take us to visit Chris and some other people in Donalsonville and Colquitt. It was a very productive day!

Scripture and a Quote:

James 2:20
"20 But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?"

"Go forth with faith and a determination to work, aiming for that which seems unachievable, and you will accomplish all that you dream."


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