January 23, 2018


Bainbridge, Georgia


Alec Taylor

Prayers are answered

Well another week in the beautiful city of Bainbridge down in the record books. This week has definitely been one to remember.

Monday, January 15:
P-day in Marianna was stinking awesome! We went to the Florida Caverns with the district. Super fun lots of pics.One funny thing that happened was about this log we had found. It had fallen over and was pretty sturdy. So I went to a ledge not to far away and set up my camera for a delayed picture. Well as I was setting it up and the rest of the district was getting onto the log we heard a small crack. So Elder Feeny and Sister Gregson bailed off the log. I snapped a pic and then the rest of the district got off. I wanted to see if the big fallen tree would brake if I jumped on it. Well I jumped three times and nothing happened so I tried one more...It crumbled under my feet. I fell about 7 feet into a cave opening but the cave opening was only big enough for my legs to fit through so I stopped at my waist. With my legs dangling all of the district except my faithful companion laughed at me. Elder Taylor quickly ran over to help pull me out but I was pretty stuck. After some good pics and some help from Elder Casper, Elder Taylor was able to pull me out. We looked at how deep the cave was that I almost fell into and it was about an 8 foot drop so I definitely was blessed to come out of that event with only some cuts on my left ankle, dirt all over my clothes and few bruises. The rest of the day we spent at the church with the Marianna sisters and elders. It was a pretty fun day!
Tuesday, January 16:
Today we had district meeting but it was different than any I have ever had. We watched the announcement of President Nelson becoming the Prophet. As I watched I felt a power and reassurance that the Lord's work will continue to go forth. After District meeting I went on exchanges with Elder Feeny in Marianna. It was pretty solid!
Wednesday, January 17:
Today we finished our exchange with the Marianna Elders then went back to Bainbridge to start an exchange with the Dothan 2nd Elders (Our Zone Leaders). We had our exchange with the Zone Leaders in Bainbridge. Pretty much all we had time for today was dinner at the Taylor's house. All in all it was a great day.
Thursday, January 18:
Our exchange today started with the good ol' salvation army. Elder Meidlinger was the elder I was with. Fun fact about him: He is from West Valley, Utah and just so happens to be in the same ward as my Gramy and Pops. Small world but hey the world's smaller when you're LDS. Throughout the day we met some people, ran from a dog, and kinda broke up this little fight just by saying "Can we talk to y'all 'bout Jesus?" Definitely a good exchange.
Friday, January 19:
Absolutely love it when your studies directly help prepare you for a lesson that you didn't plan on teaching. Elder Taylor and I received a referral from church website that allows people to request missionaries to be sent to their homes for a message, free bible, Book of Mormon or other material. Anyway Brother Cleveland took us out to Colquitt to meet a lady named Alice. Alice is a very sweet lady who reminds me a lot of sister Shuler in her faith. We were able to get to know her and also teach a lesson upon the restoration.
Saturday, January 20:
Late yesterday night we received another referral from church headquarters. This time it was a lady, named Melissa, requesting a visit from us. Before we had a chance to visit with her, some sister missionaries in Salt Lake talked to her and taught her about Priesthood blessings. Her husband has had some medical problems causing him to have to stay in a hospital in Colquitt. She was very eager to meet with us and it was a really cool experience to give her a blessing of peace and comfort about her husband. Afterwards Elder Taylor was extremely hungry and requested that we go get pizza. We went to Little Caesars and while in there the Lady at the register noticed my name tag and asked more about our church. She told us that she had been praying to God to find and church. She also added that when she looked at my face there was something different about it that made her feel like Elder Taylor and I were the answer to her prayer. Her name is Jisselle. We quickly exchanged numbers and have an appointment to meet her and her family this upcoming week. The other side to this story was that I, myself, had been praying to be able to find a young family to teach. My prayer was answered as well as hers.
Sunday, January 21:
Well today was a pretty sweet day, full of surprises. Elder Taylor and I had been asked to prepare talks Friday morning. The member who was supposed to speak unexpectedly went out of town. So your home boys filled in. We were asked to give talks on members coming to the rescue of members (in relation to less-active work). Well the other people who gave talks ended up going a little longer than planned so it ended up being that just me who spoke. It was about 10 minutes and was probably my best talk I have ever given. Just incase anyone had lost count, that was my 5th talk in the Bainbridge Branch. The rest of the day went well. We had a few less-actives we visited and tried to meet with a potential investigator I had met with Elder Belliston a while back with no luck.

Scripture and a Quote:

2nd Nephi 32:9
9 But behold, I say unto you that ye must pray always, and not faint; that ye must not perform any thing unto the Lord save in the first place ye shall pray unto the Father in the name of Christ, that he will consecrate thy performance unto thee, that thy performance may be for the welfare of thy soul.

"By becoming the answer to someone's prayer we often find the answers to our own."
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf


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