November 14, 2017


Bainbridge, Georgia


Ethan Scott Belliston

How the LORD works!

Today is going to be short because I have lots of other things to do in preparation for the week.
Monday, November 6:
P-day! Same great stuff!!! Had an awesome dinner with Lisa and Coby. New beds- new everything, NO MORE BEDBUGS!!!
Tuesday, November 7:
Today was an awesome day! We had district meeting and Elder Mckinnon and I went on an exchange. On the exchange Elder Mckinnon and I went to a potential investigators home. I looked at his address and read 1206. We knocked on the door and found out that it was not his home but in fact the home of a mother with 2 younger kids. She said her work had just changed her schedule so she could be off every other Sunday. She also said she didn't feel comfortable at her old church and was praying to find a new one the night before we showed up. We committed her to come to our church the next Sunday she had off and we gave her a short lesson on the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. I later looked at the address I had written down to find that it was actually 1202. I would have bet my bottom dollar that it said 1206 though. Super cool to see how the LORD works. We were than able to have dinner with the Cleveland family who I absolutely love.
Wednesday, November 8:
Somewhat of a solid day. We traded back companions. Elder Belliston and I got some solid new investigators. We had dinner with our newly called Branch mission leader Brother O'neal. Brother O'neal is a bee-keeper and also our branch first councilor.
Thursday, November 9:
Oh boy... the way today went. We as a companionship had a no drive day. Uh nothing went as planned yet everything that was planned was accomplished. Lesson, Weekly planning, and other such missionary stuff.
Friday, November 10:
Today was a no drive day for the mission. We were able to meet tons of people and get to parts of the the town we hadn't been very often. Lots of blessing which include but are not limited to new investigators, sore legs, buff legs, tired bodies, spirits full of joy, etc.
Saturday, November 11:
Pretty much two things today. Decatur County Genealogical Society meeting (we are honorary members. So basically we don't pay any fees but we can't vote). It was super fun. Brother Taylor gave a really cool presentation on some of his family history. We later went to the National Peanut Festival. The Dothan Zone had a booth for missionaries to offer free family history help.
Sunday, November 12:
Ok so pretty basic Sunday. Met with a handful of people and it was awesome. At 4:30ish president Smith called us and told me that I would be training a new missionary! I'm super excited that I get to train him in Bainbridge!

Quote and a Quote:

"Bring it on!"
-President Smith (FL Tallahassee Mission President)

"I got this!"
-Sister Taylor (Bainbridge Branch)


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