October 12, 2017


Bainbridge, Georgia


Ethan Scott Belliston

Keeping the promise!

Monday, October 2:
P-day!!! Basically the same as always!!! Marianna was pretty fun!
Tuesday, October 3:
Pretty much a simple day today. We had district meeting and tried to meet with a few people with little luck. It pretty much ended up being one of those days where we knocked on a bunch of doors and no ones was home.
Wednesday, October 4:
Today was a great day! We were able to visit Alvin and Sister Kincaid. But it gets better, we also had a lesson with Amaris with a member of our branch named Curel who was baptized last year and is considering a mission. But wait that's not all, we finally got to have another lesson with Faith and Zach! They are getting married on the 26th of this month so hopefully her baptism will follow!!!
Thursday, October 5:
For starters we had no intention of eating this much food today. Anyway we were invited to have breakfast at Lisa and Coby's House. They fixed us eggs, hash-browns, sausage and fresh fruit!!! It was so good! Elder Belliston and I then went the local genealogical society to do some service for them. Afterwards we had plans to go to a Chinese buffet with another member. Oh my goodness it was good. We then went back to our apartment and did our planning for the week. After 4 long hours of that we received a surprise phone call from...guess who...Lisa and Coby! They had made too much food and were inviting us over for dinner. We had Pork and potatoes and corn and oh my goodness they even had a brookie (Brownie/Cookie) for dessert. Needless to say after this day I was stuffed!
Friday, October 6:
Today was a day spent doing service and knocking on doors of people who we had meat at other times but hadn't been able to visit before. It was a hard day because we spent most of it on our bikes and had very few people open their doors.
Saturday, October 7:
Saturday was an eventful day. Originally we were going to bike 20 miles out to Donalsonville but the weather did not permit. Even though we drove we had some great experiences. We stopped in a little town called Iron City on the way out to Donalsonville to contact a referral that was given to us by an old less active member that we have been trying to see. All we had to go on was a name and a street. So we go to the street and Elder Belliston said we are just going to tract it. So we started on the east side of the street and worked our way north. Turns out that there are not that many houses actually on the street (because there was a street that cut through it and the houses were turned to that street). But we keep going and we knock on a house in between 2 churches so we are fairly sure that it is the pastor's house. (one side note: People in the south are weird and don't use their front doors. Most of them, when you knock on the front, come out the back door and around the house). And that is exactly what happened in this situation. A younger guy comes walking around the side of the house holding a toddler. We talk for a while and ask where the referral lives and he says. "In the white house back that way" (motioning back towards the way we came but on the west side of the street). We say thank you and then try and explain what we do and who we are and that we want to talk about Jesus. He converses with us for a little bit and says "I've met with some Mormons in the past and there are some differences. 1st of all you have an incorrect understanding of Christ, but come by anytime later and we will talk about it some more" We politely exited the conversation and headed down the street. I was taken back by the way this man went about talking to us.
The rest of that day was really solid as well. We found 3 new investigators that day by tracting down a street I had prayed about earlier. Carr street was the name of it. We found a really cool guy named Roderic and he has two little twins and is about to get married to his Girlfriend Tamisha. We were able to have a really good introduction to the Book of Mormon with him and explain our purpose as missionaries. We committed him to read it and pray about it. Then we set up a time for next week and left. As we were heading back to our car I saw a woman come outside of her house and Elder Belliston yelled "CAN WE SHARE A CARD ABOUT JESUS!" She said yes and then we told her how we help people come closer to Jesus Christ and we asked her if she would like us to help her do that. She said of course and all of the sudden we had another investigator. The third one was just a follow up of a potential investigator that we turned into an actual investigator. When we walked up he was totally normal but said "sorry guys we can't talk today...because today I'm on the devils work" So we set up an appointment, through his wife, for the following week.
Sunday, October 8:
Well today was that one day where Elder Belliston decided that we were gonna bike to the top of the highest peak in the county for our dinner appointment instead of driving. Well let me just say that 6.2 miles uphill the whole way is absolutely insane! We were blessed to have a wonderful meal and to get inside before a downpour of rain came through. The rain continued to come down so the members who feed us took us home with our bikes in the back of their suburban. I was disappointed I wouldn't get to ride down the hill I had spent 40 minutes biking up.

Scripture and a Quote
I would like to take this moment and let everyone know that half of the quotes I use are found by my grandpa Crittenden.

“Sometimes people don't understand the promises they're making when they make them. But you keep the promise anyway. That's what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway.”
John Green

A month ago I made a promise to an investigator that I would not drink soda until they were baptized. This is because of my love for this investigator.


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