September 21, 2019


Provo Missionary Training Center; Provo, Utah


Elder Lemusu

Everyone Wants to Go! (Samoa and Otherwise)


Well, well, well. Whoever the person who told me that time would go by
fast, you are right. Unfortunately I don't remember who exactly said
it, so take that bit of praise with a grain of salt, mystery person.

As usual, I will now address the subject in this second paragraph now
that the introduction is finished. It is now the fifth week whether we
want it or not. We are supposed to be getting our travel plans today,
so everyone's a bit on edge. I am in awe to anyone who has to stay for
nine weeks, because that sounds awful (shoutout to my cousin Elder
Blake Mitchell, who I've seen like twice this week). None of us in my
zone want to be here anymore. Over the past week, other Elders and
Sisters have probably wondered why there are missionaries clicking
their heels saying, "I want to go home" or why there are missionaries
running around in the thunderstorm holding makeshift lightning rods.
Now obviously for legal reasons this is A JOKE and I can neither
confirm or deny any statement without the Secretary's approval.

Now while there are missionaries here who JOKE about going home (and
going to a different home), we all really just want to fly to Samoa
already! None of us are a quarter fluent, but that doesn't deter any
of us from being excited.

Now this week has just been an absolute blur. Classes blend together
and some days I'm not entirely sure when new days begin and when
others end. On the bright side, I am a little more prepared each week and
I was actually healthy enough to attend all things this week.

1) This Tuesday Devotional we had the Young Men's General President
Stephen W. Owen and his wife Sister Jane Owen speak to us. They were great.
I enjoyed it quite a bit. I will now put some of the best things from the
devotional into some bullet points (yay).
-If you are going to crack like an egg, crack here at the MTC (yeah
not super applicable to most of you, but I liked it and this isn't
your email, so ha)
-There is a difference between reciting memorized phrases and actually teaching
-We should teach through experiences
-We need to come to Christ before anyone else we talk to
-The Apostle Paul taught that we are the message, we don't share a
message. We want to become living epistles of Christ. "Know ye not
that you are a temple of God?" isn't just for your body is a temple
and all that other stuff. It literally means that the Spirit can dwell
inside of us
-To be a good leader one has to be a good follower first. Example:
Jesus Christ, the Apostles, Nephi, George Washington
-Lifelong discipleship of Christ is more important than one mission
-This is all about JOY; joy of others, joy for you, joy for me, joy
for your neighbor and their cat
-It is hard to feel qualified for the work but God literally only asks
of us to have faith, hope, charity, virtue, and humility. This is
somewhere in the Doctrine and Covenants (Section 4 verse 5),
but also in the song we sang in choir- speaking of which:

2) I was back at Choir this week! We sang a song called, "A Marvelous
Work". The song is also a reference to that D+C verse that I didn't
exactly pay attention... to until later. (Section 4). Not only was the song
pretty fun to sing, but Brother Agget also shared a ton of cool mission
experiences with the choir, so it was pretty awesome. I also met him
and talked to him. I actually really wish that I went into the MTC at the
same time as my friends so that we could sing again. Unfortunately
this would not have worked since one of them straight up never went
to this MTC.

3) Samoan Culture:
So apparently I know absolutely nothing and this is probably an
eternal truth. In Samoa apparently you might have to give speeches
when people let you into their house. I could go more in depth but
basically even though we have been here for five weeks I'm not
prepared to do anything, but I'm fine. Absolutely fine. "Any unhappy
thoughts I bury deep down inside where no one will ever ever find
them." -Unikitty (See Lego Movie for reference) haha

Thank you for the packages Aunt Stephanie, Aunt Adie, and family! They
are well received and the itu (district) is very thankful.

Micah 7:8
"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise;
when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me."

Random Thought: Why do we learn so much about Jonah and the whale
compared to other Old Testament prophets? Jonah didn't do anything
cool besides the whale thing. Also pretty sure that Jeremiah and Lehi
were like best friends.

Tofa Soifua!
-Elder Piniki


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