September 14, 2019


Provo Missionary Training Center; Provo, Utah


Elder Lemusu

Ua ma ma'i


Chapter Four:

Apparently this is week number 4. That just does not seem right. Time
here just seems to fly by when you aren't paying attention, but also to drag on when you think about it. I am becoming increasingly excited to leave and immerse myself in the Samoan language. I am excited to fail, and fail in order to learn.

The subject of this email, for all of you who can't read Samoan, is basically that I have recently been sick. Or at least I think that is what it means.

So yes, I have been sick here at the MTC. And no, it is not fun. I was pretty much confined to my room for two days and missed the Tuesday Night Devotional. To add insult to injury, it was Elder Stevenson, who is an Apostle. This also means I missed choir, my favorite activity of the week. Luckily I am back to 100% and back to learning, which is lucky because I am pretty sure that I read every single Gospel Topic, Essay, and Teachings of the Presidents of the Church on Gospel Library- and listened to the entire hymnbook more than once. Speaking
of which, some of those hymns are real bangers if you haven't been able to hear them. For example, number 11 and 78 don't get much love, but they are worth a listen on that Sacred Music app or whatever.

Other than that, my week has been pretty much confined to learning the language and reading the scriptures. Everyone always says that Isaiah is the worst book of the Old Testament, but I think the books of Moses get hard to read after the first two. To each their own, I suppose.

Like I said last week, we have taught our first TRC appointment as well. I think that TRC stands for like training resource center or something like that. I am still not sure. Funny story though, the TRC appointments are with returned missionaries who speak the language. I met Thomas Thurber who is my something something cousin. (Maybe 2nd cousin?) Unfortunately, he spoke Samoan the whole time so I barely realized who he was after I left. If someone could tell him I'm sorry about that, that would be very cool.

Oh and last week we had the chance to watch President Nelson's Birthday gala celebration party thing. It was broadcasted to the gym where we usually have devotionals and it was pretty cool. Lots of people were brought in to sing so that was pretty cool. I had no idea
that things like that happened, but apparently they do happen. Or it did happen.

Anyway, that is about all. Maybe I'll just list a few fun facts that I have learned during my time here.
1) My companion discovered spray cheese, and it is like liquid gold to him. It seems Australia doesn't have the luxury of canned cheese. My parents are trying to help him stay supplied with packages.
2) If you have to wake up early to do your laundry, you are doing it wrong. Everyone thinks that they will go early so that it will be empty, when in reality, the laundry room is only busy during that early morning rush. Don't be a fool, just go whenever you get back from the temple instead.
3) Don't buy a gallon of chocolate milk when your dorm room doesn't have a fridge. Someone in our district did, and I think you can imagine how the rest of the story goes. Especially when the milk stays out for hours before people started drinking it.
4) Samoan is a language that can lead to some interesting problems. For example, "la'u soa" is like "my partner or friend" but "lo'u soa" is like your significant other. Obviously this is a problem. There are some other mix ups, but one is enough for this week.
5) All of the Palagi Elders get a "Samoan" name. Basically words cannot end with consonants or have two consonants in a row. My name was Elder Penekei, because there is also no "B". Penekei is so close
to the word "Piniki," that it was changed. Piniki means pink, so I am now Elder Pink.

I'll end with another scripture. Isaiah 60:17
"For brass I will bring gold, and for iron I will bring silver, and for wood brass, and for stones iron..."
If we give what we have, then our efforts can be sanctified through grace.

Tofa soifua!
-Elder Piniki


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