April 6, 2020




Elder Ramirez

Letter 83- Update on Brock

Hello everyone-

Wanted to update you all on Brock's status. He is currently at the beginning of week 3 in quarantine. Restrictions have tightened. He can only leave the apartment on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. When he does leave he is only allowed to go to the grocery store or the bank. All other days he is to stay in. He can no longer eat at his pensionista's home (lady that cooks for him). He was also told that he will no longer be allowed to call and video chat with us because he can't leave to go to the member's home where he was using the internet. Quarantine in Peru is supposed to lift on the April 12th. Hopefully these new restrictions will loosen up at that time. Better yet, hopefully he will be home before then.

The church is actively working to get the missionaries out of Peru. Most of the missionaries in and around Lima are coming home this weekend. Hopefully after that, the focus will be on getting the missionaries out that are in the more remote regions of Peru. Brock is literally the farthest north you can get in Peru. It will be a long haul for him to get all the way to Lima, but we are praying hard and hoping for good news in the days to come.

Thank you for all of your continued prayers for Brock and our family. We will let you know updates when we get them.


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