February 13, 2020




Elder Montenegro

Letter 76

Hey everyone,

Had a pretty solid week in the field. We had a noche misional this week. It was a noche de cine (movie night). We planned everything out with the bishop. However, the execution was terrible and we ended up having to do everything and get everything working last second. It ended up starting an hour late, but a ton of people came. It was awesome. We had 5 investigators show up! We had more in attendance at the activity than we did at church this week because it rained yesterday morning. When it rains here, no one leaves their house haha, but the activity was a huge success.

Now that I know the area a little bit better let me tell you about some of the people we are working with:

First we got Jadeth. She's a nine year old girl that's super cool. Her parents are members, so it's a pretty sure baptism. We just have to finish the lessons and she will be able to get into the water.

Then we got Nancy. She's a mom of a recent convert and she's super awesome. She came to church this week! She really wants to know if the church is true and is doing her part. The only problem is that she's not married and her man isn't super into churchy stuff. So, hopefully things work out, but she is progressing really well.

We have Ever, who we found this week. He's just a humble dude that sales really good bread. He's super friendly and he accepted a baptismal date. So far so good with him.

We also have Jose. This guy reminds me too much of Angelo. Angelo was my convert in Sullana that was ready to be baptized, but just didn't think he was ready. Jose is super awesome and all of his fam are members and I love this family. They are super close and just a fun environment to be in. Our last lesson, Jose opened up a bit and said that he feels like leaving the things of the world is really hard for him. He's not an alcoholic, but sometimes he drinks when his family invites him to and at work too. It's just hard for him to say no. Also, he loves to play soccer and the only day that he has time to play is on Sunday. He has a testimony of the church and everything, we just have to help him overcome the temptations that the world has to offer. He will be a strong member.

Thanks for all the support and love you guys!

Elder Andelin


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