February 3, 2020




Elder Montenegro

Letter 75

LA is pretty nice. A lot nicer than I was expecting. Our room is probably the nicest I've had, outside the office. I found a place to hang my rings (tender mercy) haha. It is a lot more humid here than in Piura, but for whatever reason it was been cloudy the entire week and it has been super nice. So, hopefully the weather keeps up like this. Our pencionista owns a restaurant, so everyday we go there and we just order what we want. That's kind of nice. I still miss cooking for myself, but this isn't a bad setup.

My companion and I get along pretty well, I found out that he likes the same music as me.I have never seen a latino who's liked that stuff. He's even been able to name people like A$AP Rocky, Famous Dex, and a bunch of guys like that. So, it's been pretty fun. He's still kind of like a kid tho. Sometimes he's not as focused as I would like him to be. He always waits for me to do something before he follows. But we can work on it.

Our area is big. It's the biggest area that I've had and it's pretty cool. I'ts got half city and half shanty towns. So, I get a little of both worlds. We are still trying to recover from a few tronkazos that were in our area last transfer. They didn't leave us with much, but we´re getting there. We have one baptism for the 22nd of Feb that's pretty fijo and her name is Jadeth. She's a 9 year old girl and both of her parents are members. We are reactivating them and she can get baptized. She's super smart and really funny We just have to finish teaching the lessons and she will be ready.

I also really like our ward. It's really small. It gets about 70 members in attendance every week. They are all really close and they actually help with the work, so I'm excited to work with them. It can still be a little dysfunctional. This Sunday, none of the teachers came, so me and my comp gave a class from Come Follow Me that we made up on the spot. It went pretty good. We had a few miracles this week. We found a family of 3 and they came to church! Unfortunately, they live in a different area, but it all goes to the Lord in the end. Still a miracle.

Well, that's it for this week. Bye

Elder Andelin


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