January 27, 2020




Elder Diaz

Letter 74

Wow. I have not sweat so much since I've been in Sullana. I finally left the office after 5 transfers! I trained the new health secretary, Elder Sutton, the last week I had in the office. It was pretty fun. We played a prank on him when he came in. I had the personal sec call him and tell him that his visa had a problem and that he had to come to the office right away. I knew that wouldn't be enough to convince him, so we made him a fake flight itinerary haha. It was pretty funny to see his reaction. Then I told him that he was actually the new health secretary haha. It was a little sad to leave the office because I've been there so long and because of the "special privileges" that i had haha. Also, Elder Diaz and I got along really well. He was honestly one of my favorite comps. So, that was sad too. But...I'm ready to move on.
So, now I'm out of the office. I'm in a new are and I'm in LA!!! My area is literally called "Los Angeles 2" haha. It is very different than LA from the states. It's pretty poor and it's way out in Tumbes! (right on the border of Peru and Ecuador) So, I spent my entire P-day on the 7 hour bus ride up here to Tumbes. It is insanely hot since I'm right on the border of Ecuador. That's definitely gonna be an adjustment from the AC that I had in the office. Also, we only have water at certain times of the day. A lot of the time, there's no water (another adjustment from the office haha) But, I'm excited. I'm a District Leader. So, I am officially relieved of my duties and will finally be able to just focus on my area and my district. So, I'm super pumped.

Elder Andelin


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