December 30, 2019




Elder Diaz

Letter 70

Remember last week when I said that the mission did this christmas performance thing in Piura? Well, it made the church website! So, now we´re famous! Here you can take a look:

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Ours wasn't too bad. We watched a movie, ordered pizza on Christmas Eve, and then Christmas day we made cinnamon rolls. We accidentally made way to much. We made over 50 haha. So, it was bottomless cinnamon rolls and I ate 17! I don't know how. It must have been the deprivation of cinnamon rolls building up over the last 16 months and then I just snapped or something. Later that day we went caroling and I took another W over paneton (Peruvian fruit cake). So, not too bad of a Christmas.

Since it was Christmas, the work was very unproductive in our area, Manuel and Maricielo were with their Dad that they only see once a year and Kayla was also busy with her family too. I don't blame them. We didn't get to visit either of them this week, but we found a few more new people to teach. Their names are Cielo and Gabriela. They're two teenage girls that are super nice and they're really smart. They came to a baptism that the ward had, so that was good. We´ll see how things go.

Something crazy happened this week. We witnessed a robbery. We were just walking down the street and we saw this moto drive off and these two guys fighting and throwing punches and stuff and we stopped and started watching. A guy had attempted to rob this couple, but they started fighting back (even the girl was helping). The robber was getting beat. The couple was calling for help and this other guy that was walking in front of us ran over to help them, but then the robber pulled out a gun and the guy ran right back the other way. I didn't see how it ended because the guy had a gun. We figured it wasn't safe to watch anymore so we also ran away haha. Just a little something to spice up our week.

One of the things that President Vega has been hitting hard lately is faith. We put down some pretty high goals this year. Like it's literally double what we accomplished in 2019. I tend to be more of a realistic person when it comes to making goals and I like to focus on the numbers. So, I was a little skeptical of our 2020 numbers goal. But what President has been saying lately is that it's just about how much faith we have and about our diligence and obedience to the Lord. I've been thinking a lot about faith this week and it's interesting, I think about it a lot with the people that we teach because the difference between people that progress and people that don't is that the ones that progress have faith and act. It's really just a step in the dark. You just have to trust that the Lord will guide your steps. If you don't take any steps, the Lord can't guide you and you just won't go anywhere. That applies to me as a missionary just as much as it applies to the people that I'm teaching. So, that's what I've been trying to work on lately.

Have a good week. Trust in the Lord

Elder Andelin

PS: I am holding the left corner of the banner in the pic.


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