December 24, 2019




Elder Diaz

Letter 69

Well...according to one of the members that I talked to yesterday, summer officially started the 20th of Dec. So it begins. Three long months of blinding sun, unbearable heat, and nonstop sweat 24/7. Luckily, I will be in the office in the mornings with my A/C, so at least it will be better than last year in Sullana haha.
A huge W that I've been taking so far this christmas is my ability to avoid eating Panetón, the traditional Peruvian Christmas cake. For those of you that don't remember my emails from last year, it's basically a fruit cake like bread, except it's absolutely disgusting. Last year I took a month full of L´s having to eat it almost every night. However, this year I have only eaten one slice of panetón this entire month! Unfortunately, the worst is still to come this week due to la noche buena and navidad so, i just have to try to make it through this week.

I had my last dinner with the missionaries that were leaving and my last breakfast and lunch with the new missionaries that just came in. We usually do that once a transfer and since this is my last transfer in the office, I will not be eating in the mission home for a while. So, I made sure to eat as much as I could those 3 meals and I was as stuffed as a turkey. Totally worth it. Mango season has also started and I love it because the mangoes here are absolutely delicious. I have to go all out on my last mango season in Perú.

This year, we had a missionary choir that sang in one of the plazas in Piura. My office stuff kept me from being in the choir, but I got to hold the banner haha. I love my new comp Elder Diaz. He's way better than my last Elder Diaz. We get along really well, so that will makes this last transfer in the office a good one.

This week was pretty busy, only had 2 days in my area, but they were pretty good. Manuel is progressing, right now. We ́re focusing on the Book of Mormon with him. Maricielo wasn't there when we visited them, but we found this new girl named Kayla who is really good. Its that reference that we got 2 weeks ago. The last reference that we got, got baptized, so hopefully she follows that trend. I'm excited about her.

I went to visit Luis Aguirre my first convert today and it was awesome. He got sealed this month, and he's just doing really well in his calling as first counselor It's crazy to think that over a year ago he didn't want to get baptized haha.

Quick funny story of the week ,(shoutout B-Phillips) Sister Vega gave us a bag of candy because she's super nice. On the bag she put a bunch of stickers that had inspirational messages like "You're the best!" and "Keep working hard!" and one of them said "Hell yeah!" hahaha So, her English is still a work in progress haha.

I cant believe its almost Christmas. It honestly doesn't really feel that much like Christmas here, but we have our decorations and we´re gonna try to make cinnamon rolls for christmas morning. We´ll see how that turns out.

I love you guys and I hope you all have a great Christmas!


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