December 10, 2019




Elder Diaz

Letter 68

This transfer has been super crazy for our mission. We have had so many weird things happen. We had 6 emergency transfers and then this last week president sent 4 missionaries home. So, it was a pretty busy week. I had another health emergency yesterday and it was a stressful one. So, the missionary was having sharp pains below where his appendix is, so I had to take him to the emergency room. First, I had to get the insurance paper, so I went to the office and got on my computer and the internet was down! I was like shoot. Then, I called the missionary to bring his insurance card, but he lost it! So, I had to call the insurance company and have them send the insurance to the clinic. But, when I got to the clinic they didn't have it. So, I went back to the office and called again to see what happened and they said they had sent it. So, I went back to the clinic and it turns out that the insurance company sent it to the department in the clinic that just happened to not be opened on Sunday! So, then I had to get them to send it again. Major headache!!!! I was with the elder for 4 hours while they did testing. Luckily, he doesn't have appendicitis, but it looks like it might be a hernia. I'm still waiting to hear back from the area doctor.

We also had our Christmas multizone. It was pretty fun. Played games and watched a movie. I took a big W in our white elephant. I ended up with Uno cards, and I'm like, "What am I supposed to do with these? Play uno with my comp?" So, I traded it for a wooden elephant cookie jar. Then, once I had that I was like, "When am I ever gonna use this? There are no cookies in Peru." So, then, I traded that for a 20 sol chili's gift card. Big W! So, I definitely came out on top in our white elephant. We also had a family home evening with Pres and his family. We did like a Columbian traditional christmas celebration. I didn't really get it because all we did was light candles and play games. So, I'm not sure what purpose the candles played. We got to eat Columbian food. It was pretty good. We played some fun Columbian games and Pres and Sister Vega were laughing harder than I had ever seen them laugh haha.

This week wasn't the best week for our area. The only investigators that we could find at home were Manuel and Maricielo. The rest just like disappeared. They are progressing pretty well though. They're really interested and they're super funny. Right now, we are just focusing on getting them to church. We also found Giliana this week. We couldn't teach her because she was super busy, but when we stopped by she was painting her house. So, we went and bought brushes and finished painting her house at 9 at night haha. When we finished, we rushed to a moto to get back to the office on time. The service project was was actually really fun for me. It felt really good being able to do service for her. I just really hope we can find her again because she's got so much potential! Hopefully this week.

So it's time to get a new secretary in the office. My companion Elder Arteaga is supposed to leave this next week. Pres asked for all of our suggestions last night! So, basically any of as could leave. I think that I'm most likely staying.

I hope you all have a good week. Make sure and light the world this week!
Elder Andelin


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