November 11, 2019




Elder Arteaga

Letter 64

Hey guys-

Fast week this week. Pretty busy one. Worked in our area a day and a half this week. However, the one day we were out was super awesome! We had a lesson with the family that I mentioned 2 weeks ago that we contacted in the little store. We went over and I helped her kids with their English class. I actually was a pretty fire english teacher haha. I had them making sentences with "I like..." and using their favorite fruits and vegetables. That was the first success. After, we started talking to the mom, whose name is Damarist, She used to be Catholic, but changed religions and has really converted her life to God. She still has a lot of questions about churches and we helped her understand about the trinity using scriptures from the Bible. If she really is set on finding an answer, she is going to find it. That was our one and only highlight from the field this week haha.

In other news, Oscar got his temple recommend! Lets go!! He's going to the temple this week, and not only that, he's bringing 3 names to do their baptisms #proud. He's honestly doing great. If there's anything I ́ve done right these last 2 transfers, it's been supporting and then watching all the progress Oscar has made recently. Truthfully, I don't know if i can really even take credit for that.

So week 6 of transfers is the worst. One, because there's already a lot of stuff that I have to do for transfers, and two, because everyone decides to get sick week 6! I have no idea why, but it has happened all 3 transfers. I've been here. I will barely have any health stuff during the transfer, when im not busy, and as soon as i get busy, that's when people want to have problems. Week 6 also is the worst because all the old missionaries leave. The ones that I ́m mostly sad about are Elder Mullen and Elder Huarcaya. Elder Mullen because he's my boi from Walla Walla, Washington and Elder Huarcaya because he is the best Zone Leader I've ever had. I had him when I was in Sullana. He's the one that played pro futbol. He has been such a good example to me. He is an insanely good missionary. I'm pretty sad that he's leaving. But thats the way life goes.

I also had my quinseñero this week. I turned 15 months, which means i have 8 left. Pretty insane! That's still quite a bit of time. I've noticed when all the missionaries leave, it puts you in this mood like you're going home soon too. I think it's because we go to all of their final testimonies and meetings and stuff. Going to all these recent farewells was kind of making me feel a little trunky, but then Oscar showed us his thesis that he is working on for college and it hurt my head to look at it! It was over 50 pages. So, I snapped out of it pretty quickly and thought, you know what... I'm probably better off here in Perú haha.

This week I found a super tiny piano keyboard, like the ones for little kids, in the office and it actually works. I've been playing it in my spare minutes and I am really bad haha. That's how I feel about everything else I used to be good at. BUT...every time I play it I remember a little bit more. I can still play half of Mia and Sebastian's theme haha (shout out to LaLa Land). I'll get back on that grind someday. I also leveled up in my cooking this week. I learned how to make flour tortillas and I made chicken fajitas. They hit the spot! They were way good! Closest thing I can get to the real thing here in Perú.

Can't think of anything else to share. This week will be another busy one.

Have a good week!

Elder Andelin


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