October 22, 2019




Elder Arteaga

Letter 62


This week was quite a ride! First off, our run ended in the volleyball tournament. We won our first game pretty easily, but in the semifinals we played a team that didn't have sisters, just elders. We lost by 2. They were trash, but we had sisters, so we barely came up short. My competitive side started to come out in me haha. It's been a while since that's happened.

A few health emergencies in the mission this week. We have a missionary that has stomach issues. He has parasites, gastritis and a digestive disorder that he has developed since being here. So, he came to live in the office for the week because he wanted to go home. However, he had an interview with Pres and he's gonna give it one more week to see if he really wants to go. So, he's back out in the field.

The area doctor had to fly down here this week to pick up an elder and then fly him back home. It was pretty fun because the personal secretary to the President was really busy that day and he usually deals with all the airport stuff, so he asked me to do it. I got to pick up the area doctor and orient him a little. It helped me realize that I do not remember how to speak formal English to an adult. When he landed, he called me to let me know he had landed and when he said, "Hello," I said, "Hey, how's it goin?" hahaha. It was the only thing that came out. It wasn't just what I said, it was also more of the way I said it too. The only time I really use English is when I see other white guys from the mission, and those aren't usually the most formal exchanges. So, I addressed the area doctor like he was my bro from high school haha. Afterwards, he bought us Chilis, so he must not have minded too much.

Our week in the area was pretty bad. So many health emergencies, it ruined a lot of our plans in the area. We actually got a decent amount of proselyting in, but I´m not kidding, we had every lesson fall almost every day we went out. Like everything! We only had 2 lessons with actual investigators this week. It wasn't just that we had office obligations pulling us one way, but because everything fell through. Even contacting nobody opened the door. It was actually pretty crazy. First time that's really happened in my mission. So, as you can probably guess, I was pretty frustrated at one point. I did however have a new insight on this week when I watched the new Book of Mormon video that came out. I just felt that my situation was the exact same as Lehi's family's situation when they were not able to find food. I felt like we were kind of in an investigator drought. When Nephi broke his bow Lehi says,"How? We have kept the commandments and done everything the Lord has asked of us. What else could we have done?" Honestly, I was asking myself the same thing. "How? I put in all this extra work in the office. I'm obedient. I'm trying my best and nothing is improving. There's nothing else I could have done." I love Nephi's faith right after Lehi complains. Nephi says, "The Lord will provide." That statement actually gave me a lot of peace in that moment.
I´m trying my best, I just need have faith and keep working. The Lord will provide. He always does!

Hope you all have a great week. Trust in the Lord! Chau!

Elder Andelin


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