September 23, 2019




Elder Arteaga

Letter 58

Hey Everyone!

This week was pretty sweet. We ate papa johns today. Haven't eaten pizza in a few months. It was soo good. We also watched the movie Storks, and man that is a very underrated movie. It got me laughing pretty good. Also, I bought some steak meat and made some steak and chicken fajitas, they were super good.

This week I learned that my companion has a fear of planets. It's probably one of the weirdest things I've ever heard. I still don't get it, but basically if he sees a picture of space or planets he like gets scared and has to look away. Wha? I feel like he's faking it.

The first Book of Mormon video came out and it is super sick. I love it! I'm especially excited to be able to teach with it because it will make the Book of Mormon a lot easier to understand for some of the people. I feel like it will give them more motivation to read. Plus, it's kind of fun. It's like watching a TV show. A new one comes out every Friday. So, now Friday is my new favorite day haha. So, if you haven't seen it go watch it.

Elder Gong came to our mission on Friday, and it was so awesome. It was amazing to be able to be in the same room with an apostle and feel the spirit that he brings with him. We also got to meet him and shake his hand. Fun fact, that's the 2nd apostle I've met on my mission! I loved what he shared with us. He shared with us these 4 things:

1. We are called of God, by a prophet to serve as a missionary, but we are assigned a place to serve by one of the quorum of the 12. He then explained something super cool with us. He said that a lot of times we get too focused on where we are serving, or where we are going, but that is not the only reason why we go where we are called to go on our missions. He said that there are many factors. It could be for a companion that we will have on the mission that needs us, or an investigator that only we could reach out too, or for the mission president, or maybe we need to learn something from our companions or through the experiences we will have here. The point is that there are many factors that go into the place that we are serving. That completely changed my perspective. No matter how missions differ from each other (whether it be different countries, languages, or even length of service) The Lord puts us in the exact spot that we need to be in to serve and learn what we need to learn.

2. He talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how it, along with the spirit, is the strongest conversion tool we have as missionaries. We need to testify of the Book of Mormon and when we share our testimonies, we need to share the how we know the Book of Mormon is true, not just I know the Book Of Mormon is true.

3. This was probably my favorite part: He talked about how each of us has unique skills and experiences that, if we are humble enough, the Lord can use these skills and experiences to help other people. For example: I like something called calisthenics. It's using just your body weight to get in shape. This last week we met a guy who was about 18 and we were talking and I found out that he likes calisthenics too. So, I could connect with him in a way that not a lot of people could. I guarantee that I am probably the only one in this mission that could have connected with him about that. So, in this case, the Lord was able to use something from my background, not even a spiritual gift or something, just one of my hobbies really and made a way for me to connect with this person. It broke the ice we were then able to talk about the gospel. As we learn more about different things, and find different interests and as we have different experiences in life, the Lord can use those things to connect us with other people. This all just like clicked in my head when he was saying it. It was so cool.

4. He brought up a verse from JSH 1:33 when Joseph is having the first vision and the Lord tells Joseph that in future days, all nations will know his name and the work that he will do. This was all about 200 years ago. Then, he talked about the fulfilling of this prophecy. Out of the 224 countries and territories that are in the world, 189 have organized groups of the church. He told us that at this point, when you go out in the street, a lot of people have heard about the Mormons and Joseph Smith. Then he told us that we are the ones responsible in Piura for the work to go forward. There's a lot of great missionaries in other countries, but they are in other countries. They can't come here to teach, it has to be us.

This whole experience game me more motivation to go hard in these last 9-10 months and do my best for the Lord. Sorry, this was really long, I was just filled with inspiration today from Elder Gong.

I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Andelin


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