September 16, 2019




Elder Arteaga

Letter 57

This week was a great week to be an office missionary. The entire office baptized on the same day, and that means us. Oscar got baptized! It was a great baptism. The whole time we've been teaching him, I could never really read him because he doesn't show a lot of emotion. It honestly didn't really seem like he was interested. But he said he wanted to be baptized, so we were like alright, were not gonna stop you. And he did it! It wasn't really until he bore his testimony after that I noticed all of the change that the gospel has made in his life. He said that the second he walked into the church, he could feel the difference and that he could just feel peace in his life. As he shared the gospel with his friends, they rejected him. Even his parents weren't super supportive. They didn't even come to the baptism. He said that none of that really mattered to him because he has found the true church. It was so awesome. He's going to be a good addition to the barrio.

We watched thet face to face with Elder Suarez. That was really good. He did some of it in three different languages. It was cool. The funny thing is that I could actually understand the Portuguese. It's just like spanish, but with a different accent. It got me hyped to learn Portuguese haha. What else? Oh yeah Elder Gong is coming this week to our mission! So that will be cool. I'll let you know about that experience next week. Well that's pretty much it. Have a good week!

Elder Andelin


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