August 26, 2019




Elder Arteaga

Letter 54

Hey everyone-

This week was super awesome! It was really busy, as the first weeks of transfers always are, but it was a good one. Elder Scott made it!! He got here on Tuesday and it was super dope to see him again. He is so funny. All these memories just started flooding back when we were catching up. I'm super excited that he's here. And even better, Elder Mullen (missionary from Walla Walla, WA) just left the office and he's training Elder Scott haha. They're gonna be a super good combo and they're staying here in Piura, so I got to see them pretty much every day this week.

Our investigator Nachoooooo (nod to my favorite movie 'Nacho Libre') is doing really well. We just had a lesson with him yesterday and we brought our recent convert Mirian. It was great! She bore her testimony to him and invited him to church and helped him feel more motivated to go church. We're gonna start bringing her to more of our lessons. She is super outgoing and really good at making the investigators feel comfortable and want to go to church. Oscar is doing really well also. He said he received his answer and that he wants to be baptized si o si on the 7th of September. So, we´re excited about him. He's came to church 3 weeks in a row! We'll see, he seems pretty fijazo.

This week we had a tonnnn of meetings. Literally, I wore my suit every day because we had a meeting like every day. But it was good. We talked about a lot of good things. One of the things I liked the most is that President talked about not being a conformist. A lot of times the missionaries here, including me, just assume that the mission here is how it is and so we just kind of stay at the level that we are at. Instead of trying to break the limits and reach a new level. I think that happens a lot in life. We just do enough to be good, or we just do what everyone else does instead of trying to be the best person that we can be. Break out of our own limits. A lot of times I think that can hinder our progress. Just something for you to think about this week.

Don't be a conformist!

Elder Andelin


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