August 20, 2019




Elder Arteaga

Letter 53

his was a pretty crazy week. All of the new guys are getting here tomorrow, so we´ve been getting stuff ready for them. I'll get to see my boy Elder Scott tomorrow. (He's the guy I met at EFY the summer before my senior year and kept in touch with even after EFY.) I'll be there when he gets off the plane!

We had a bunch of health stuff that popped up this week too. That's the funny thing about serving in this job. I never know when I will be busy because I never know when people will get sick. Strangely enough, I had a few calls this week about female problems (cringe). I just finessed those over to the mission president's wife, Hermana Vega haha. We also had a problem with an elder who had an appointment for his ankle, but then he did a bunch of tests and stuff on his ankle that weren't authorized by the church. He did it without telling us. I ended up having to figure out all of the insurance and how to cancel some of the other tests that he scheduled because it was going to cost the church thousands of soles! Finally, I got an emergency call last night at 1 AM from an elder who had apendicitis. He had to travel down to Piura and he had to have surgery last night. He is doing fine. All and all, it was a pretty eventful week!

Our people that we're teaching are doing good. We a put a fecha with Nacho, and we got another guy named Oscar with a fecha for the 7th of September. He's pretty excited to get baptized. They're both doing really well. We've been able to go out into the area more and that's been super nice. I'd rather be doing missionary work than sitting in the office all day.

Have a good one,


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