August 5, 2019




Elder Arteaga

Letter 52

What's up people?

This week was pretty nice. Elder Arteaga and I are getting along really well. Way better than I was expecting. I was actually a little worried about being with him for 3 transfers, but he's super cool. We continued our tour of the mission this week and we went to SULLANA! It was fun. I got to go back to Huangala (my old area) and see all the members and Elder Lyman. One of the sisters made us seco de chavelo for lunch, which is my favorite food here, hands down! So, that was a plus. I checked in on Deyber and Angelo. They are doing awesome. Both are still attending church. Both received the priesthood. Deyber has been sharing the gospel with all his friends. Angelo has still been looking for work and they are probably moving to Chile here pretty soon. So, I'm super happy for everyone back home in Huangala. They are doing great.

The office stuff has been going good. It has it's pros and cons. Pros: I like being in the office because I get hot water! I also get to make my own food. I love that! I get to know Pres and Hna Vega better too. Cons: Sometimes I feel like a part time missionary instead of a full time missionary because we have had barely any time to go out in our area and find contacts. Sometimes, that makes me feel unproductive. Even though I'm always busy with office stuff haha weird. I guess it's all work for the Lord, so I'm enjoying it for the time.

We went to Canchaque today. It's this tiny town way up in the mountains away from everything else. It was pretty awesome. It's like a knock off Cusco. It was super green and we went hiking. It was pretty fun. It was about 7 hours total of travel time though, so probably wont be doing that for a while. For one day it was worth it.

Elder Andelin


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