July 15, 2019




Elder Arteaga

Letter 49

Hey everyone,

This week beat last week as the busiest, craziest week of my life! I'm like tired 24/7! I take little power naps in our moto rides as we are doing stuff haha. So, to give you a quick overview of what happened this week...we sent an elder home this week because he had tuberculosis. Now we are in the process of testing everyone of his comps and people he had a lot of contact with to make sure they didn't get it because its super contagious. That was probably the most stressful thing this week. I also filled a couple prescriptions this week and I seem to get about 5 or 6 calls a day from people complaining that they have sore throats or a cough and asking for a magic medicine that will keep them from getting sick. I wish! I mostly just tell them to drink water and suck it up The next day they are usually feeling better haha. The rest of what I did this week had to do with the baptismal records. It was a little frustrating because I realized that most of the mission doesn't know how to fill out a baptismal ficha. They are always missing something, so that was hard when I was trying to put everything in this week.

Other than the little bit of stress, I love being in the office. I had like a 10 minute hot shower this morning. It was so nice. I get to cook my own food and everyone in the office is pretty funny. Even the latinos are super funny. It's interesting because they hear so much english in the office they like know english almost perfectly. So, I'm definitely enjoying it here for now.

I also like living in the office because I'm getting to know President Vega a lot better. For example, the assistants were preparing their class for the multi zones that were coming up and they were using that white/gold dress pic that blew up on the internet like 5 years ago. That one where you either saw a white and gold dress or a black and blue dress, depending on who was looking at it. They asked President Vega if the dress was white and gold or blue and black. He was like, "uh, it's white and gold." Then everyone else was like, "no, it's blue and black" and he was super confused. It was hilarious because President Vega is super serious, but he was telling us we were straight crazy. Sister Vega always cracks jokes and is like my mission mom haha. So, just stuff like that makes serving in the office fun.

We had consejo de lideres this week and I got to see Elder Guzman. He was my trainer and it was so fun to see him again. He's honestly the funniest guy I know on the mission. It was fun catching up with him.

This week I beat my record for weirdest/grossest thing I've eaten. Are you ready?? CHICKEN BLOOD PUDDING! Yep! I know. It's nasty. The funny thing is that it did'nt even taste that bad, but i couldn't get over the fact that I was eating blood, so I didn't finish it. I think that beats the chicken foot as the grossest thing I've eaten in Peru.

So, we started reading Doctrine and Covenants as a mission and one of the things that I've noticed as we've been reading is that the Lord commands Joseph Smith to repent quite a bit. Even prophets need to repent and that just helped me understand a little bit better how repentance is an essential part of our spiritual progression. No one is exempt. We all mess up and we all need to repent.

Have a good week,

Pics below:
Baptism of Deyver and a pic of Angelo's baptism from my old area in Huangala.
Me and Elder Guzman (dream team)
Me in the mission office trying to act like I got this.


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