July 1, 2019




Elder Lyman

Letter 47

Alright, I don't have mucho time right now, so I'm just gonna give you a run through of what happened this week.

We had an awesome week! So many miracles. Deyber wasn't able to get baptized this week, but he's getting baptized next Saturday with the full support of his family. His mom broke down crying this week and told us all the peace that she feels in our lessons. Their family is going through some super tough times right now and she is even considering investigating our church a little more. So, she's next! haha That was an awesome experience. Their family is amazing. Our next miracle was the biggest surprise...ANGELO IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!! I was so happy when he told us. I have never worked so hard or wanted anything so badly for someone else in my whole life. For Angelo to be able to receive all of the blessings that come through baptism makes me so happy. His family has done a complete 180 from where they were 4 months ago. I'm seriously so happy. I almost cried when he told us haha.

In other news:

The members left for a day this week to go to the temple, so we didn't have anyone to cook for us. We ended up going into our pencionista's house and I cooked for us haha. I cooked yuca platanos de freir eggs and it was actually really good.

Peru beat Uruguay, so now we are in the semifinals with Chile, our rivals. I'm feeling pretty good about our chances and President gave us all permission to watch the game with the members! So, I'm pumped for that.

The last surprise this week is a little bit of a sad one. The assistants just called me and told me that I'm going to be the new health secretary over the Piura mission. I'm getting transferred early, as in 4 hours! I have no idea what the health secretary does, but I'm pretty sad. I wanted to be here for this last week. I love the people here. I've learned so much being here. I have been a member of the church my whole life. Sometimes, it has been hard for me to see the blessings of the gospel like I should have because it's all I've ever known. Seeing the gospel play out in other people's lives as they apply it and the changes that they make in their life and the difference it makes has been a blessing. I know without a doubt that all of these things are real and true. The gospel when applied to someone's life, really works! We can repent. We can change! We can be a lot happier in this life.

See ya,
Elder Andelin

pics below:
With Angelo at his former job. This truck is headed to Korea full of bananas
With a ward member on an avocado farm


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