July 1, 2019




Elder Lyman

Letter 46

Hey everyone-

It was a good week! Nothing super special to write about this week. We had a pretty awesome day yesterday. Deyver had his baptismal interview. He went in and he was in there awhile. When he came out, it turned out that he didn't have permission to be baptized even though we had talked with the parents. That was a little frustrating. We went right after church and we had a lesson with the parents. It was a miracle lesson honestly. We helped them understand that Deyver's baptism in their religion did not count for ours. They said that they would support Deyver in his decision to be baptized. So, they're going to talk with him this week and if all goes well, he should get baptized next Saturday.

Alex didn't come to church this week, but we talked with him after. He has been talking to his wife about some things to complete his repentance process. Angelo is doing good too. He is a pretty awesome guy. He took us to his old work where he was the number one boss of a banana factory. He was in charge of over 100 people, sending bananas to Korea and Japan and the US. He did that for 13 years until 3 months ago. He quit because he realized that his family was more important than his job. Now he's driving a car taking people to Sullana, one of the lowest jobs for someone like him Just until he can find something that is more suited for his family. This man is amazing and I love how much happier him and his family are. The gospel really changes lives. And once he gets baptized he'll have even more blessings.

Elder Andelin


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