June 17, 2019




Elder Lyman

Letter 45

This week was honestly super awesome. I actually started off the week on monday super frustrated with the people and how they just werent understanding and i felt like they werent progressing. But i was preparing for our district council this week and the thing i felt impressed to share with the district was workingwith members and i realized that we werent doing nearly enough of that and not just bringing a member to a lesson but really having them being part of the conversion process with the people we are teaching so we applied that this week and it worked so well. Alex hasnt drank in a week and even his wife accepted a fecha. They even went to a baptism that we had in the district and they loved it so we are excited for them. And Deyver is on fire. He read 8 chapters this week in the book of mormon and he told us that he wants to get baptized so we are also super excited about him.

Happy dad day to all of the dads out there. I got on Elder Lyman a little bit for not wishing me a happy fathers day haha. But i love you dad your the best and i really miss your fish. Fathers day for us was kind of a down day. Everyone just drinks with their dads all day so we didnt have any lessons that day and our attendance dropped and Satins really been getting on my nerves for that. We had another family coming to church but when they got in the car it broke down. But this week were bouncing back.

We had a conference with Elder Falabella the area presidente and it was awesome. I learned so much. Our mission is pretty bajo right now so He talked about how to imporve and what we need to do to be able to baptize more and keep more people active. It was pretty nice and we got pizza afterwards, bonus.

We also went down to the chacra this week and that was fun we got to see how they process the bananas from the trees into the box and on the table at your local walmart. So that was cool.

Have a good week. Elder Andelin


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