June 11, 2019




Elder Lyman

Letter 44

KLK da me la luh,

How's eryone doing? Had a pretty crazy week this week. A lot of stuff happened. So, I had my first district council on Thursday and I thought President was going to be there, but then he wasn't so i could relax a little bit. The meeting went pretty good. So, I was feeling good afterwards that everything went smoothly. I even treated myself to these awesome apples I found that taste like apples from the states. On the way back from the council, I got a call from...President. He said, "Elder Andelin how are you? I'm going to be coming on a visit with you this afternoon at 4. I will see you then." So, me and my comp got back and we looked at our planner and we had a lesson scheduled at 4 that we knew would most likely fall through because that's not a productive hour in Huangala. We tried to get something different, but it didn't work out. So, we went to that lesson with President and we rolled up in his super nice car to this super trash house and we had an alright lesson with a person that did not really understand anything we were saying. Not the best showing for President Vega ha. After that, he left and our other 4 lessons were awesome we found like 3 new people and put down 2 dates. The good thing that came out of that was that President was like, "Wow I had no idea that the people here were so poor and uneducated. We need to put a family group here." So, they will be putting a family group in sometime soon. This means that the members won't have to pay money for rides to take them to church in Sullana every Sunday. Instead, they will meet in Huangala in a member's home. This could be a game changer for this area. People might be more willing to come if they aren't having to spend what little money they have just to get to church.

Alex had his interview that same night for baptism and it was a long one. He's done a lot of stuff in the past, so he's in the repentance process. Once we feel that he's ready, he can get baptized. The only problem is that he has terrible friends. Whenever he tries to do what's right, they always make fun of him or they pressure him into doing terrible stuff and that's what he has always done, so changing is pretty hard for him. Yesterday, I saw his moto at a bar. It was actually a miracle we were right there. I called him and told him to come out. He did and was super frustrated because he's trying so hard to change, but he just feels like he can't do it. We were begging him to keep trying and that he could do it. So, that's where we are at with him. It will be a tough process, but Alex is such an awesome guy, I know he can do it. He just needs better friends and a better support system. We talked to the members and are going to get them to help us a little more with Alex. He needs their support.

Other highlights from this week: We went to this awesome burger place that has burgers that are almost as good as burgers from the states. Mine had 2 meats, cheese, an egg, ham, lettuce, and tomato it was so good. Also, me and elder lyman made french toast this morning for breakfast.

I'm rockin' 5 months here in Huangala. I can't believe I've been in the same spot for so long!

Love you all,


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