June 4, 2019




Elder Lyman

Letter 43

So, I just wrote like a paragraph of this in Spanish and then I realized that it was the wrong language haha.

We had a great week in our area. We found a ton of new people that have a ton of potencial! One of them gave us 55 bananas. Win win!

Probably the most promising of the people that we've started teaching is the family of that kid that came to church last week just off of an invite. We met with the rest of the family and they are all amazing. Super prepared, they've had some experiences that have helped them realize the importance of having God in their lives. We are really excited to see how they progress. Deyver (the kid that came to church last week) came again this week and he told us that he prayed and he had a sensation as if God was there with him telling him that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon was true. That's always a boost to the ole' missionary spirit when investigators say stuff like that. We are also working with Alex and he has an interview this week for his baptism, so if all goes well, he should be baptized on Saturday.

Few funny stories. First, we were talking with a family about birthdays and stuff and we asked one of them when their birthday was and he said I have 2. I was like nice try ,no you don't. But then he told us that back in the day, when they took babies in to get their id stuff set up, they would set their birthday as the day they went into the municipalidad (don't remember the english word). So, he had always celebrated his birthday on the 8th of September, but then one day he went to get his driver's license and they asked him when his birthday was and he said the 8th. They're like, are you sure because we have your birthday as the 29th? Then she asked him, do you not know your own birthday? haha. He was super confused, so he asked his mom and she told him why he might have two dates and that she wasn't super clear herself which date was the right one. So, he's still not exactly sure when his birthday is and that all happened last year! So, he's gone his whole life celebrating a birthday that may be the wrong date. I thought that was so crazy. Good ole' Peruvian attention to detail.

My other story was with Elder Lyman. So, I ate something that really messed up my stomach for a few days and the members tried to offer me medicine, but I don't really trust their medical knowledge, so I always just tell them no thanks. They were making fun of me for just drinking water as my medicine and then they asked Elder Lyman, "When you get sick, you'll take our medicine right?" Elder Lyman meant to say, "We'll see. I don't have a lot of medical knowledge." For that, you would use "tengo," but instead he used "tiene." So, it came out, "We'll see. You don't have a lot of medical knowledge." Haha I was laughing so hard. At least he said what I was actually thinking. Even if he did it by mistake.

We haven't had a district meeting this week because there was a zone meeting, but my first one will be this week and theres a 95% chance that President is going to be there, so I'm pretty excited (not really). Wish me luck, I need it.

Have a great week everyone,
Elder Andelin

Pic below: When you accidentally tie your tie so short and decide to wear it all day to see if anyone notices and no one does. ha This is how we have fun on the mish.


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