May 20, 2019




Elder Lyman

Letter 41

Good week this week! I've had a pretty nice p-day so far. I got a fresh cut, I ate a nice sandwich for lunch, I got a picture with this water fountain that has these statues of these toddlers peeing. So, I had to get a picture with that haha. I also just bought a Peruvian poncho. If you don't know what that is, it's what Pacha is wearing in the movie Emperors New Groove. It's pretty awesome. I'll send a pic next week.

I've been eating a lot healthier than usual lately. Like this morning, I had hard boiled eggs and avocado with whole wheat bread. I also ate a green smoothie. I looked at it and I was like "Am I really eating this? Mom would be so proud" haha.

Elder Lyman is doing good. I noticed lately that he smells everything before he eats it. For like a long time haha. He also sometimes mixes up English and Spanish because he's in that stage. He'll say things like "Here ya go" when he's giving out a folleto, I'm like, "You know they don't speak English, right? haha Talking with him this week, I learned that he struggles with self confidence. He is really hard on himself. Just one of those things that doesn't show up on the outside when you look at a person, but instead is an inward battle. I've been doing my best to help him out with that.

I was a little frustrated this week with the area. Sometimes it's hard because literally no one understands anything. It has been a real patience builder for me. They'll read the B of M and they'll say, "Wow this book is totally true, but I'm going to keep going to my Catholic church." They just haven't been making the connection. Our investigator Angelo has a different problem. He has a super strong testimony, but he still doesn't want to get baptized. So, all of these things were getting me in a little slump. Then we had a district counsel and I had some serious revelation flowing. We decided to revamp our lessons. If the people aren't really having the desire to be baptized, we need to shift our focus a little. Remind them what the end goal is first. So, we have been talking more on the plan of salvation and on their goal of making it back to be with Heavenly Father because everyone wants to do that! Then, after that, we remind them that we can help them make it there, but they have to trust the Lord and they have to keep their commitments. From there, we talk about baptism. We've used this approach the past 2 days and the people are leaving the lessons with a greater desire to understand what will start them on this path back to Heavenly Father and that is baptism.

Alex is on fire! He came to church yesterday and he brought his wife too! He is doing great, He just has problems reading, but were working with him. The desire is there, so that's good.

Also, we figured out Angelo's problem after 2 weeks of really talking to him. He has told us many times that he has no doubt about the gospel being true, but his only doubts were about himself and about being faithful and we figured out why. He has been out of work for these 2 months we've been teaching him. His only job option so far has him working Sunday. He hasn't taken it because he wants to get a job where he doesn't have to work on Sunday. He's been torn because he doesn't know if he will find a job that gives him Sundays off and he wants to be the kind of member who is able to go to church on Sundays. Once I understood that, I was like wow! this man is awesome! So, we are just going to try to help him understand that if he uses the faith he has, he can get baptized AND the Lord will provide him with exactly what he needs.

Love all you guys! Have a great week!
Elder Andelin


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