May 11, 2019




Elder Lyman

Letter 39

Hey what's up everybody?

My week was pretty good. We did a lot of traveling again this week to try to get Elder Lyman legal here in Peru, but I think we finally did it. Hopefully we should be able to have a normal week this week. Nothing too fancy this week. We had a really nice p day. We just kind of relaxed and watched some movies. I finally got to watch Emperor's New Groove and I was laughing so hard! haha That is a classic. That movie actually doesn't have a Spanish translation, but because I've had it for like a month and a half and still hadn't watched it, I pulled some strings. We watched it anyway haha, don't think the latinos understood anything.

We also had a pretty cool activity that we did in another area that is super struggling right now. They have like 3 people in attendance every week at church and they're all kids. So, what the zone leaders did is that they brought a projector to the area and we all went out there and had a movie night and we like invited the whole town. We watched Spiderman Homecoming haha. I have no idea how that got approved, but it was pretty fun. It's not as good in Spanish, but it's still a good movie.

We had a great week at church this week. 4 people came! One of our investigators even bore his testimony and he even said that he knew that this church was the true church. We've only had like 2 lessons with him! IDK if he just said that because that's what everyone else was saying, but either way we should probably baptize that guy! I mean come on.

Angelo finally came to church too and he is on fire. He has a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true and he knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet because he said that no man could right a book like that. His only hold up is that he is a little cautious. He said that he doesn't want to get baptized and later turn back and change his mind. So we've been working with him to try to show a little more faith and be able to be baptized. He has a date for this Saturday, but well see what happens. "Si dios quiere"( I found that in a scripture the other day haha) Pero yo se que dios quiere.

See ya,
Elder Andelin


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