March 19, 2019




Elder Diaz

Letter 32

Whats up everyone?!?!

Back at it again with another email. This week was pretty nice. So, on Tuesday I had an intercambio with one of our zone leaders Elder Beck. He's a white dude from Utah and it is the first time on my whole mission that I've been with a white person haha. It was only for a day, but it was fun. We could talk in English and about American stuff too. So that was nice. I learned a lot from him in the short time he was with me.

Also, we did a contact booth this week. It was pretty fun. So what we did was, we set up a table in the middle of the plaza with all of the people. We had a bunch of Book of Mormons, folletos and tarjetas, and a bunch of other missionary stuff with us. After we were all set up, we just started contacting as many people as we could. What was funny is that we had 2 card board box suits that we wore. One was the Book of Mormon and one was the Bible. I was the Bible. So, I walked around in this cardboard box that looked like the Bible and talked to people about the gospel haha. It was actually amazing how well it worked! By the end, we ended up taking like 100 references. It was awesome. The highlight of that night for me was when I tried to talk to this lady who didn't want anything to do with me. I said, "Hey, how are you? What's your name?" And she was like "Nope. Sorry son. I don't have a name." I'm thinking really? If your gonna give me an excuse, give me a better one than that no name lady haha.

We are seeing a lot miracles in our area. We had 5 people come to church this week. It's amazing after only having 1 come the whole last transfer. We have a baptism coming up April 6th! If all goes well, she should be getting in the water. We are super excited for her.

It's been awesome to see all of the changes that have happened in our area and I know that the miracles will keep coming as we keep working hard. So watch out, Huangala is on the COME UP!!! Have a great week!

Elder Andelin


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