February 11, 2019

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Uncle Dave

Letter from Uncle Dave to Brock

Brock aka Elder Elmer,

We sure enjoy getting your weekly letters and feeling of your excitement and love for the work. In particular, I’m always excited reading about all that’s going on, because I can relate to so much of it as a missionary in Peru. I also came to really love futbol, but I don’t think I was ever as good as you. I remember that we would play futbol at the Chapel pretty much all p-day. My favorite was getting dragged into a street game with kids with my white shirt and tie on. I definitely played like a GRINGO though😊 You mentioned the kid dropping the f-bomb. It seems like that was the only English word they knew. We would be walking in the street and they would just yell the f-bomb at us. Surely, they have no clue what they are saying. I loved all the little stores on every street that people would run out of their homes. When the work was slow, it was always nice to stop and get a drink or snack. The people of Peru are wonderful; full of love and selflessness. The work isn’t easy in Peru, and it is a challenge helping people understand the gospel and keep their commitments. They would always say “Si Dios quiere” I will come to church. In my mind, I would always think, “Si! Dios quiere!”

Our family is doing well. Jack is a freshman in HS and doing great. He is on the JV golf team and really enjoying it. He struggles with the typical pressures and questions of a teenager, but I’m super proud of his strength and effort to do what is right. Matt was just ordained a teacher and went to his first dance on Saturday night. He is in 7th grade and doing well with his grades. Matt has corky group of friends, but we really love it. He seems to have found a “niche” group of friends that help him feel comfortable and confident. Nate is in 6th grade and just finished his first season in flag football. He is a small guy so tackle really isn’t an option. He has exceptional hands for his size/age and scored a few passing touchdowns this season. Nate loves Fortnite, and it’s all I can do to keep him of games during the weekdays. Charlie is in 4th grade. She really is the best, cutest girl in the world. She is going to try her hand at soccer this spring…so that will be interesting. She has a hard time learning at school, but her good heart well than makes up the difference. She is a fountain of joy for me. Wesley got baptized in December. He is full of laughter and happiness. He’s like his brother Nate and loves video games. He has a hard time keeping his hands to himself and always is wrestling his brothers.

Well, I know you have limited time on P-days, and probably lots of emails to read. I just wanted to let you know we are always thinking about you. Charlie always reminds us to pray for you during each family prayer. She even drew this picture of you during church (see attached). We are proud of you. The Lord will continue to bless and strength you as you serve.

Uncle Dave


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