February 11, 2019




Elder Diaz

Letter 27

What's going on every one!

Just me Elder Andelin sitting in a 100 degree room right next to a little Peruvian kid who keeps dropping the f-bomb every 5 seconds and I am certain he doesn't know what it means. Todo tranquilo...

Anyway, I hit 6 months on the mission this week and it has been the fastest 6 months of my life! I can honestly say I've loved every minute I've been out. The good and the bad, all of it. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

This week was pretty good. All of the members in our area went on a family trip to Tumbes, so we were left all alone. That means that they didn't bring us our breakfast or dinner haha. It's all good because they're coming back tomorrow. It rained pretty much all this week. It was really nice. I haven't seen rain in 6 months haha. The sun came out today though and i got burnt. So, I guess we're back to infierno.

One of the things I've really improved on this transfer is my futbol skilz. It doesn't really have anything to do with being a missionary, but I never knew how fun soccer was haha. My comp has been teaching me a few things and last night I learned how to do the around the world. So, once I get back I figure I'll just pursue a career in soccer and play for some MLS team haha.

Our area is kind of struggling right now. Since we are 30 minutes away from the nearest church and no one owns cars here, we have really been struggling with attendance. Also, the people here work in the fields and are very uneducated. Most of our lessons involve me asking them what they understood after the lesson and them saying, "Just have faith and believe in God". This is true, but mostly has nothing to do with what I just taught them. So, then I'll give a 30 second overview of what we taught and they will still respond with the same, ¨Just have faith and believe in God." So, I'm working on my patience. I was thinking this week, "Man, why are we struggling so much?" Then I watched this video of a Jeffrey R. Holland talking to some mission presidents and I was completely humbled. He said, "Why would missionary work be easy for us now, when it was never easy for Jesus Christ? The only perfect missionary who ever lived." So, I was able to understand that we as missionaries need to understand a tiny part of what Christ went through, only a tiny part, to be able to have success and appreciate what He did for us. We also have to have the kind of love and patience that He did while we teach. I'm working on that too.

Have a good week
Elder Andelin


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