January 23, 2019


Jorge Chavez


Elder Diaz

Letter 24

Buenas tardes my dudes,

This week was pretty awesome. Elder Ramirez and I worked our butts off this week, but Jose couldn't get baptized because he was working so much we just couldn't find him. I know his time will come though. Carlitos got baptized though!! That's right! It was such an awesome experience. He is such an awesome kid. He kept asking us when he was going to get baptized the whole week. We kept telling him Saturday, but he was like, "Thats gonna take forever!" He got baptized and everything went well. I made a cake thing that I learned here for his baptism. The next day in church, I got to do the conformation for the first time on the mish and it was pretty cool!

Another thing that happened during the baptism was that they called me and told me I was getting transferred. So, I had to say good bye to the area Jorge Chavez and all of the awesome families. It was pretty tough. I have really grown to love the people in Jorge Chavez. It's sad to leave, but the Lord has work for me in my new area..... Belle Vista!

Belle Vista is out from the actual city Piura about an hour and a half. It's the hottest part of the mission during the hottest part of year. So, Im going to be sweating 100% of the time instead of 95% of the time ha. It's also one of the more dangerous parts of the mission. I don't think these Peruvians will even think about trying to mess with all this, but well see what happens haha. The area's economy is all agriculture so there's some fields of banana trees that are really pretty and it's a lot greener than my last area. Since it's in the middle of no where, I'm just walking in complete sand all day. But, I've heard a lot of good things about belle vista and the 18 members are super awesome. I'm excited to be here!

That's it for now have a good one.

Elder Andelin


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