December 10, 2018


Jorge Chavez


Elder Ramirez

Letter 18

KLK mi gente como estan?
Four months in the books and it could not have gone faster. The time seriously passes so fast! This was my last week with Elder Guzman and it was a really good week. We did a lot of service. Especially for this old man in the ward named Ladis. Nobody really looks after him, not even his family. It's kind of sad and he can't walk really well, so we always try to do whatever we can for him. This week we cleaned his house and his house is the dirtiest house I have ever seen in my life! Since he can't walk, he does all of his business in a bucket. He doesn't aim real well, so that'll give you an idea of what we had to clean up. Later, he said that he needed a haircut because his hair was really long (longer than mine was before the mish haha) So, we took my scissors and we went over and I cut his hair haha. So now you know if you need a fresh cut, just call the missionaries. They'll hook you up.

Like I said this was my last week with Elder Guzman and it was a bitter sweet week. He left this morning and I'm pretty sad because we were super good friends. He got called to be a district leader! I'm excited for him. He will be awesome. I know I'll see him around. My new companion got here today. His name is Elder Ramirez and he's from Paraguay. He is super awesome and he is always happy. He talks super fast, way faster than Guzman, so I'll have to adjust. He only has 4 and a half months on the mish. So, we are both pretty new, but I'm excited. We are going to have an awesome transfer. Hope you have a great week!

Light the World!
Elder Andelin


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