October 30, 2018


Jorge Chavez


Elder Guzman

Letter 12

What's up everyone! Finished my first transfer this week and it honestly flew by so fast. This week we had a pretty good week. It started out a little rough. We weren't having much success and all of our appointments were falling through. We were just kind of walking around all day, hoping some one would listen to us. This went on till about halfway through the week. Then, we had a mulit-zona and Elder Held of the area seventy came and talked to us about being misioneros de tiempo completo. He showed us ways that we could be more efficient and it was awesome. Also, while we were there I got to talk to some of the dudes from my MTC group and I realized how lucky I got with my area. First of all, they shower with buckets. I at least have running water haha. Secondly, their areas are a lot less successful than mine, so I'm grateful for the area I'm in. After, we went back to our apartment and we basically decided to take a different approach to missionary work. We changed all of our lesson plans to make them shorter, simpler and more powerful. This way we could have more time for other visits and other things and I saw a huge difference! I've really gotten a lot better at teaching and I've really learned the importance of teaching by the spirit. With my limited Spanish, I'll never be able to convince anyone here the logical reasons why the church is true (which there are many). I have to teach by the spirit and testify that these things really are true and that they can help anyone live a better, happier life. I've really noticed a difference when I lead with the spirit. People can understand me better. I feel like my language is better and I feel more comfortable with it. It's pretty awesome.

That's all I got for now have a great week.

Love, Elder Andelin

For the family:
Been a good week. I ate my last sour patch watermelon today and it was a bittersweet moment haha. Also my cheez-its are gone, so I don't have any food anymore, but I have the new package to look forward to, so thanks for that. First, a few concerns: my card isn't working. I've tried in different machines and it says that my request can't be processed. My digestion has a gotten a lot better. We fasted this week, cause we forgot to like 3 weeks ago haha, and that gave me time to clear everything out and I've been pretty good ever since. Now I can appreciate the food more and I'm really starting to love it. It's so good. I had my first mango here and it was heavenly. The mangos are so good here. It's just starting to be mango season so that's exciting. I also just wanted to remind you how I hated talking on the phone back at home right haha. Well now I talk on the phone in Spanish everyday, so it's funny seeing how far I've come.

Here's a run through of our investigators. We have the Iman family, which is this awesome family and we've been working with them since before I got here, but they've heard all of the lessons and they understand a ton, but we put off their baptism cause they don't really have a testimony yet. So, that's what we really have been focusing on with them. I think our last lesson we had a breakthrough, so well see but they've come to church 2 out of the last three weeks. We have VIctor...he's like 22 and he has come to church 3 weeks in a row, which is awesome cause Its hard to get people to come to church here. He said he wants to get baptized, so he's doing good. We have Jhossimar, who is amazing. He is like a for sure baptism. He loves learning and he understands everything. He is excited to get baptized. Our problem with him is his schedule because he is always gone for work. But, once he comes back from his trip that he's on right now, we should have a baptism pretty soon. Those are our investigators that we are focusing on the most right now. There's others but these are the ones who are really close.


PS: Pics of pumpkin carving back at home. Elder Andelin silhouette by Dad.


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