October 23, 2018


Jorge Chavez


Elder Guzman

Letter 11

Hey everyone- I hope your day is going great! This week was another great week. This is probably the most successful week we have had. We had one of our families that we've been working with finally come to church and a few other investigators as well. We found 12 new investigators, and we have some baptisms lined up, so everything has been going pretty well. President Nelson came to Peru. He spoke in the CCM, and to all of Peru in spanish. It was pretty awesome.

Peru played the US in soccer and the US was winning 1-0, but then they gave up a goal in the last 3 minutes so we tied. I wanted the US to win so I could rub it in the Peruvianvs' faces haha, but that didn't happen. I've never really liked watching soccer, but now I'm starting to appreciate it. Everyone here watches the games. Like no one is in the street when a game is on.

It's starting to get really hot here. It's only spring time right now. The summer starts in December, so that's when it will get really hot. I even found this wall that says "the city of eternal heat chooses everyone" haha. So, Im about to be cooking here in Piura! The food's still good. I eat chicken and rice... everyday! These people only eat rice. Rice for breakfast. Rice for lunch. Rice for dinner. Rice for desert. They even put rice in their drinks! (I had arroz con leche the other night). Don't get me wrong, it's good rice, but I think I might get sick of this much rice pretty soon.

This week we had an intercambio and I went with a priest in the ward, so I was on my own for the first time and it actually went great! We found a new investigator and we even found an inactive member who said he has been looking for something more in his life. We shared a message with him and he said that he wants to come back to church. It was pretty awesome. That's it for this week. Have a great week. You guys are awesome!

Elder Andelin
Heres a tiny fam email. This week was good. The food is killing me. It's good food, but it makes you fat. There's no variety and it has been making me constipated hardcore. It's the worst. My stomach hurts a lot and I just miss the food back home. We're having a little trouble with the members cause they don't really do anything with the missionary work and they aren't very obedient members. Like they don't keep the sabbath day holy and other stuff, so were working on that. Also, I noticed sometimes that I think about after the mission and how I can't wait to work out again and see you guys again and eat normal again and I feel guilty cause I know I should be focused on the mish and the people IM serving. So I don't know what to do about that I need your help.


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