October 15, 2018


Jorge Chavez


Elder Guzman

Letter 10

Whats up everyone its me again!

This week was the best week of the mish for me. It was awesome. My companion was telling me some stories of before the mish experiences this week and he was wild. He loved to fight people. He said fighting is like a rite of passage in the Dominican Republic, so he fought like everyone haha. One time at a concert he got arrested for fighting. All of this was before he got baptized, but it's crazy to see how he's changed in 3 years from where he was haha.

I had my first baptism this week and it was a big miracle. We baptized Luis who has been taking discussions from the missionaries for a year. His wife and one of his sons was baptized last year, but he hasn't really had the desire to be baptized. In one of our visits with him this week, it seemed like the same thing was going to happen again. That his baptismal date was going to fall through because he still kept wanting to put it off later. So, we just kind of talked to him some more and he opened up to us about some of his fears that he'd never told us before, like how he didn't want to get baptized because he was afraid he would sin again. We were able to resolve some of his fears, but he still was on the fence about baptism. Somehow, the next day when he had his interview, he had a change of heart cause he agreed to be baptized on Saturday. I had the privilege of doing the baptizing and it was an awesome experience. I am grateful I was able to be a part of it.

I also had an experience where I was asked a question in one of our lessons and a it kind of took me off guard and that, plus I had to try to answer it in español, resulted in a big failure haha. I didn't quite know how to answer it. That was a little push from the Lord telling me that I still have work to do, but this work is awesome, and I'll keep on keeping on.

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Andelin

PS: Sending a picture of my cell phone. It is the new i phone 11. Pretty sweet.

To the fam:

Hey its me again! Never in my life have I said that I've been excited for Mondays, but on the mission I look forward to every Monday haha. I still can't believe dad got a new phone. I actually laughed out loud when I read that. I'll send you a picture of my phone, they gave our mission an exclusinve trial of the I phone 11 its pretty sweet. First of all, I got the package and thank you so much! It was awesome. The cheez its were well needed and the sour patch watermelon tasted way better than usual haha. And actually, the sweatshirt was a good addition cause some nights it gets kind of chilly, so I actually wear it more than I was expecting. I hate to already be asking for more stuff, but for my birthday package I want my other rubics cube. I taught my companion how to solve the one I brought (in spanish) and I want to get him his own cause he actually really likes it! Also, I lost my oil vile for blessings, so can you send me 2 of those. Elder Guzman needs one too. And also my two sweat shorts, the grey ones and the blue ones. I would like those. For some food...I have been craving Reeses like crazy! I don't know if those will melt or not, but I would love a big thing of those if you think they'll make it. Also, whales and peppermint patties. If the chocolate stuff won't make it, that's fine, but I would love some of that. And I'm not sure if Tre got his mission call yet. I'll ask him. This week was awesome. I had my first baptism and It was amazing. I was so happy. So, that was awesome, but I also had a few challenges this week. First, we were contacting one night and Guzman asked me where I wanted to knock and I had no idea so I picked a random house and nobody was home. After, he chose a house and we taught this guy that was so prepared that we set a baptismal date right there it was crazy, but after he told me that he had received a prompting to knock on that house and he asked me where i wanted to knock to see what I would do. So, that kind of bothered me cause I wondered why I didn't receive anything. Another thing that was bothering me is that Elder Guzman is so awesome. The people love him and he is an amazing teacher. He's just an amazing missionary, and I want to be like him. Which I'm grateful for his example, but he's leaving in 2 months and my Spanish just isn't good enough to be like him and when he leaves I won't be able to connect to the people like he does. I still don't really know where anything is, so that was bothering me too. But yesterday, I was reading in my scriptures in Alma 38 where he is talking to Shiblon I think and he talks in verses 1-5 about patience diligence and long suffering. So, that was kind of an answer to me. I'm being diligent, but I need to remember to be patient, so that kind of helped me out, but if you have any comments let me know.

Love Brock


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