October 2, 2018


Jorge Chavez


Elder Guzman

Letter 8

Hey everyone-

Week two in the bag and it was pretty awesome. My Spanish is getting a lot better. I can actually contribute in lessons now and I can now understand some people that talk to me. I've had some awesome experiences in lessons where I've been studying something in personal study and then I will use a scripture later that day in a lesson to answer an investigator's question. It's pretty cool. My companion and I get along really well. He loves cracking jokes and having fun, but he's also an awesome missionary and I learn from him everyday. Since I'm still learning, he likes to push me in the lessons. Usually he will just stop talking even when he knows I don't know how to teach certain parts of a lesson and I will have to just spit something out. Surprisingly, this actually works and I usually end up making sense. It's pretty sweet!
We've been having a bit of a cockroach problem lately in our room. It's pretty nasty especially since they get all over our dishes and food, so we're gonna have to get that fixed. Another thing that I've noticed while being in Peru is that the latinos are terrible singers. Not that Im a good singer, but everywhere we sing, like in church, or at missionary meetings, we just sound really, really bad. I was leading a hymn once in district meeting and I actually started laughing because we sounded so bad. I don't think anyone noticed.
Also, the elections here are next week and elections here are insane. There are mobs of people everywhere throwing parades for their candidates and stuff. Next Sunday, on election day, we actually aren't allowed to leave our rooms. But its been going great here. That's all I got for this week. Have a great week!

The church is true,
Elder Andelin

Hey it's me again. Nothing big happened this week, just a bunch of great lessons and little experiences, but it's going good. The food here is seriously so good. The only problem is that it's all carbs so I've started to eat less rice so I don't get constipated. But I also really miss the food back at home. We ate at Chilis today and it was amazing. I even ate my corn on the cob. I've been eating everything here cause I'm hungry and because when I pay for food, I'm going to eat all of it! So i figured you'd be proud about that. Apparently, I'm in one of the harder areas, which is totally fine, but we've been having a little trouble getting people to keep their commitments. We'll have an awesome lesson with them and then they won't show up to church or they won't read their scriptures. It's frustrating cause they just don't understand the importance of doing these things and I can't force them to do it. They have to decide for themselves. SO, if you have any suggestions let me know.

Also, President Vega asked if i'm related to a President Andelin that was the mission president in Columbia, is that one of grandpa's brothers or something? Also one of the missionaries here, Elder Lopez is in Grandpa's stake. Also, look up "Feed my sheep" by Elder Holland, "the Charachter of Christ" by Elder Bednar, and there's another one by elder bednar, but I cant remember it, but they're all on youtube, and they are amazing devotionals!


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