September 5, 2018




Elder Anderson

Week 4

Hey everyone it's Elder Andelin again-

This week has been pretty good. I can't believe I've been here for 4 weeks! Crazy! Things have been good here. We got new roommates. They're latinos. Elder Alvia is from Ecuador, and Elder Sanchez is from Paraguay. Elder Sanhez is a rap fan too. He likes Post Malone and a lot of the guys I would listen too back home, so we connected pretty quick. Plus, he is hilarious. I've been playing soccer a lot lately. Not because I'm good or anything. It's actually the opposite because I am basura (trash). And I hate when I'm trash at stuff, so I've been playing a lot to try to get better haha. I don't know if it's working yet, but it's pretty fun. I have these flashes of greatness where I feel like Messi. There was this one day I scored like 5 goals. It was pretty sweet. But then the next day, it goes away. So, it's a process.

We´re proselyting this Saturday in Lima. I'm pretty excited. I'm excited to get out of here, even though I'll have no idea what Im doing. I'm just tired of being in the same classroom everyday. So, I'll let you know how it goes.

I saw 2 more awesome devotionals this week. They´re like my spiritual highlights of the week. The first was by Elder Christofferson. He talked about President Nelson's announcement about breaking the habit of nicknaming the church Mormons, and LDS and the like. He said it's important to call the church its full name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, because we worship and follow Christ, not anyone else and it's important that we and everyone else knows that it's His church. He broke down each part of the name and talked about it's meaning. It was pretty good.

The other one that I really liked was by Elder Bednar again and it was amazing. He spit some serious fire at us. Whenever he talks, he changes my outlook on life and how I see missionary work. It's awesome. His main message was developing the character of Christ. He said that the work is more about who you are and what you are, than anything you can ever say. That hit me hard. It completely changed how I viewed being a missionary. Recently, I have been really focusing on learning how to teach and how to say things right so that I can be a very clear teacher, which is important, but this made me realize that what is most important is the person that I am. He said that the character of Christ is that he turns outward when we would turn inward. For example, when the Savior comes out of the garden of gethsemane having suffered the most pain and sorrow than any of us could imagine, He gets betrayed by Judas. Most of us would be feeling pretty sorry for ourselves if that was us, but when Peter cuts off the guards ear, what does the Savior do? He heals him right there. I don't know about you, but the last thing I would be worried about in this moment is the guard's ear. It's stuff like that we need to develop as missionaries and as members of the church and there's tons of examples of this in the scriptures. It's pretty amazing. So that has been my focus this week. I'm really trying to develop that characteristic of turning outward instead of inward. It's a lifetime process, but now is as good a time to start as any.

Elder Andelin

Hey fam,
It's Brock, everything has been going great. This week has been really good. Me and my companion have become a lot more united. We´re still working on it, but we´ve come a long way. My spanish is coming along great. I'm learning a lot of stuff. I can communicate pretty good so far. At least here. Once I get out in the field I won't understand anybody, but it's coming along well. There's not a lot to tell. I'm excited to actually get in the field. I'm so excited for Kolei and Tayden. They're going to be awesome! I'm super jealous about the tuna and fishing. I would love to go fishing right now. I wish I could have gone on that hike too that looks fun.



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