August 28, 2018

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From Cole to Brock

I really miss you. We all miss you. The house is so much different and it is really driving Brynn bonkers to see me and Cody wrestling every five seconds. We went to Black Butte and it was really awesome. Quentin talked about toots and bums as usual and we played cards a lot. We also went to the pool and that was a cool experience too because you could actually dive in to the pool. Ha Ha Ha. The best part though was the white water rafting. Me and Quentin went with one family on a raft because we couldn't fit everyone on one raft. I talked the instructors ear off because I couldn't talk to anyone else really. It was fun though and we hit bumps and got wet and we paddled to so we were sort of in control of the raft. We did that for a while and then went home. We also had a barbecue feast like hamburgers, etc. That was really yummy. I wanted you to know that we have kept you in our prayers and we hope your having a great time at Peru. I hope that you can learn Spanish very fluently and you are able to bring people to the Gospel. Also I was wondering if you could tell me what it is like up in the Lima MTC. Thanks for your time and I am grateful that you are serving a mission. You are awesome and we love you very much.


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