August 28, 2018




Elder Anderson

Week 3

Hey every one it's Elder Andelin again!

My P-day was changed to Tuesday, just for today. Sorry, I forgot to tell you guys that. Next week it will be back on Wednesday.

Not a lot happened this week , everyday is about the same here. Plus, I've been sick the entire week and I'm finally starting to get over it now. My Latino roommates left yesterday. I was actually super sad. I'm going to miss them. They were so awesome. But we get two new people today, so I'll tell you next week if they're Latino or not. I hope they are.

I had two spiritual experiences this week. The first one was on Sunday cause as I said earlier, I was sick and I was feeling terrible and I just kept waiting for it to go away. It was really frustrating though cause each day I wouldn't be able to focus because of my headaches and fevers and I just felt useless. I couldn't do anything. Then I started thinking about all of the experiences I've been having in the CCM and I realized that one of the things the Lord has been trying to teach me is to have more faith in Him and trust. At home I was capable of mostly relying on myself for school and stuff, but the CCM is not like school. So, I decided to take that extra leap of faith and ask for a blessing. My companion and the President gave me a blessing and the next day my fevers were gone! I was still a little sick, but I was able to at least focus in my classes and learn stuff again. So, Im learning to put more faith in Christ.

Another thing that happened was when I was in the temple. I was praying and I asked God to let me know what he wanted me to improve on because we learn so much here and we have such a long ways to go. It's hard to decide what to focus on. So, I prayed about it and later that day one of my teachers, Hermano Sosa, pulled me out of class. He told me in a nice way, to look for more opportunities to strengthen others, especially my companion. All of the sudden, I realized that I have kind of been leaving everyone in the dust with the language and stuff because we actually go pretty slow and I already know what we're learning right now. I hand't realized that I was leaving my companion behind. I'm used to working on my own and at my own pace, and it's a little faster than his. So, Hermano Sosa noticed that and told me to focus on working together with my companion. He said when you work alone your progress is limited, but when you are united, you can progress much faster. Plus, that is how it has to be in the field anyways because you can't serve a mission on your own. You have companions for a reason. Anyway, when he told me that I was surprised because when he said it, it sounded obvious, but I never would have seen that on my own. I'm used to working on my own, so I thought I was doing fine. I'm not sure why he felt impressed to tell only me that and not the whole class, but I'm glad he did cause It was an answer to my prayer. Now my companion and I are stronger and I notice a difference already.
The church is true!
Elder Andelin

Letter to family:
Yeah Im working on being patient with them but it can be so hard. That's so awesome!! I'm happy that worked out. I wanted to see that. It would've been cool. Sounds like a cool party too (Brynn's birthday/Surprising her with Ali). I would've danced. I haven't heard a song since I left and I miss music haha. And I can't believe Brandon did something like that again haha. Wow that's crazy dad bought another one (pantoon boat). There must have been a really good deal. I actually can do calisthenics cause theres a pull-up bar, but I haven't done it a ton because I've been sick, but the calisthenecs still works. Alright, I'm going to tell you some of the things that we bought that are working so far. The holy tabs things is pretty sweet. It will be more helpful in the field though, so Im going to save it for later. The microfiber towel is awesome, nothing dries here so that was a good idea. All of my clothes are working great especially my shoes. And the sweaters were a life saver cause It can get freezing down here and once you're cold you can't get warm so the sweaters are nice. Some of the stuff that sucks. My bag broke on the first day. I had to ducktape it, I wish I would've just brought a backpack. My shaver is terrible, it cant get the long hair and its super frustrating. My feet are always sweating cause Im wearing shoes all day and my feet are peeling its nasty, I hope it's not athletes foot. Anyways, that's all I got for now. Im going to start making a list of things to send me. Here's a draft:
The yellow journal on my desk
A new shaver like dad's
a water bottle
my setting apart blessing
My other two pairs of shorts, I want them for sleeping
Speaker and I pod with church acoustic music on it. (especially savior redeemer of my soul thats my favorite song)
& tons of food, sour patch watermelon, whales, Reeses etc. american stuff.

Ill keep thinking of other stuff. I miss you I love you Bye


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