August 22, 2018




Elder Anderson

Week 2

What's up's your boy Elder Andelin back at it with another email.

Another awesome week at the CCM. Its been a good week with ups and downs and I've learned a lot. My Spanish has been coming along great. The other day I gave a lesson to our fake investigator in complete Spanish, so that was pretty sweet. The days here can get pretty repetitive so P-day is definitely my favorite day. My favorite part of everyday is Physical Activity. They have this awesome sports facility here that has soccer fields, beach volleyball courts, pingpong tables and they're working on a basketball court and I'm way excited for that. The only problem is that we're not allowed to keep score or be competitive in any way and that is actually very hard for me because I feel like I have to try and beat everyone at everything, so I'm working on that.The food here is still pretty awesome, My favorite things here are the fish, the rice, and the fruit. It's way good. My Latino roommates are super awesome and they are so funny, Elder Perez is from Argentina and Elder Meza is from Honduras and they have me crying tears they are so funny. Another thing that's funny about the culture of the latinos is that they don't get offended at like anything. So they make tons of jokes and they make fun of each other all the time it's hilarious. Elder Meza's nickname is actually gordito, which basically means little fat man.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting into the field. You get kind of tired being stuck in the same building after so long. At week 5 you actually get to proselyte on the streets of Lima and this week one of the missionaries got robbed at gunpoint. So, I have that to look forward to haha. I got to listen to another missionary exclusive devotional. This one was by Elder Bednar, and it was one of the most powerful talks I've ever heard. It's too bad you guys can't hear them, but anyways, what he talked about was the question that everybody has, how do i know if it's the spirit or just me. And his answer totally surprised me. His answer was: Stop Worrying About It! He said as long as your are trying to do your absolute best and pressing forward with faith, the Lord will guide your footsteps. So that was a comforting message to hear.

I miss you all. The church is true. If it wasn't, 18 year old teenagers would've messed it up a long time ago.

Elder Andelin

Family Letter:

Everything's going good. Ive had some discouraging days were I felt like I wasn't progressing, And I've also had awesome days where I progress really fast. I've learned that doing things my way, or the way i'm used to doing it, doesn't work. It has to be the Lord's way. Some of the people in my dorm don't really understand why they're here, they try to bend the rules and they always talk about after the mission and home and they're not super focused. So that can be frustrating. Also I got sick. I think it was from one of my roommates who has the worst hygiene in the world. He's this redneck guy and he loves to cough in his hands, and he sticks his hands in his pants for minutes at a time scratching stuff. Everything in our room is probably contaminated. But I've met some super awesome guys. I've already told you about Elder Pincock, were super good friends. There's another guy, Elder Purvines who is also super funny, and his humor kind of reminds me of Kolei. And theres this dude names Elder Boren who looks like Uncle Brad. And he kind of talks like him too haha. But I'm doing great don't worry about me. I love you guys.


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