December 12, 2013


Mexico MTC


Elder Anderson


But an update on my MTC experience so farrrrr, basically its mostly tons of studying and some devotionals. But its been okay. Really not to much to share, my spanish is kinda growing, and everytime i think im starting to get it they hit you with something else to show you again how little you know haha. but my district is cool, theyre fun. I really cant remember all thats happened, though i wrote down a few random things that have happened. Like a few weeks ago it was storming outside and we were in a devotional, and the thunder shook the building a bit! it was pretty crazy! And the drivers here are insane! constantly miss each other by inches like its nothing! Maybe ill get used to it and start to drive like them when i come home...;) But my district has had fun when we get some time to, like i told you about the sling shot chairs, but we tried a train of rolly chairs, where we would all push (in a line) on the chair in front of us and it would just LAUNCH the last person! it was pretty fun haha. We played soccer with a 6 year old last Pday, he' so funny! he said something about beng friends then ran at elder freeman and bit his leg! and kept trying to bite his leg! Crazy kid! so not much has happened here, hope youre all good at home...HOHOHOHOHOHO watch the Christmas devotional, in the last talk there is a video clip and this little kid winks!! amazingness! Oh and my companion is trying to learn how to roll his Rs so he says perro 24/7 and it may be the most annoying thing ever. haha oh and we played ultimate firsbee against the other district in our zone and crushed em!


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